OuchRage ~ Part 1 of 7. Little Kids

INVESTIGATE UNRAVELLING: Over the course of our lives, so much has continued to trigger the disconcerting unravellings of our times. We can honestly step back to consider events through a view expanded by bringing problems to light without blame or finding fault. Rather, investigating for what was missing.  We have been missing the knowledge of […]

Mentoring a Generation

Mentoring a Generation Connecting the Dots of Life The Artful Use of Vast Information We are starting a generation based on the artful use of vast information and the focused implementation of schooled abilities in order to build a healthy life. GENERATIONAL IDENTITY: Mentoring a Generation for Success Mentoring a Generation’s Identity ~ MAGI Seven Building Blocks of […]

The Immediate Influence of Good

On Labor Day 2018. Daily, my dedication to labor dwindles. I am tired and dampened. The rising and swelling pregnancy in me grows heavy I can feel that weight before birthing. And, I feed me mindsets of beauty, Moments of touching my cat, Thanking my husband, Humbled by the loveliness and peace of our home. […]

Top Parenting Resources

As a couples or marriage counselor, my first question is, “Do you have kids?” If, “Yes,” then I want to know how the children are doing. Children and their health reflect the quality of their parents and their parents ability to have a good relationship and to keep a home and a family secure. If […]

When We Forgot the Feminine

When did the Killing Come? When We Forgot the Feminine. When did the killing come? When did competition get credence? When was war welcomed? It Started So Small It started so small. With a woman and man. With a family and tribe. With tragedy too tough. With grief not enough. We weren’t made for war. […]

Gift Getaway for Well Women

International Women’s Day Women Are: Healthy – They are Well in Body, Mind & Heart. Caring – They Bring Water to Thirsty Souls. Strong – They Carry Stories of Suffering & Sunshine. Deep – They Share Wisdom from their Bottomless Well. Clear – They Preserve Beauty, Order & Truth. The Gift Getaway website is live! […]

Partnership: Family is First

PARTNERSHIP On this, the eve of International woman’s Day, I share the poem which came pouring out over the last three days. It’s my civil and thoughtful little rant. I hope you will comment!     A woman’s equipped with masculine modes. She’s happy at work and happy at home. Her dream’s to have kids. […]

Pulling Out the Threads of War: Smiling Makes Sadness Small

Pulling Out the Threads of War ~ Smiling Makes Sadness Small (Using the poetic voice to speak of the unspeakable.) Even while hell burns and seethes in the eyes  of the boney death mask of rebellion and fosters evil, Some maintain the devotion to service. From where did these pervasive perversions propagate?  Quiet atrocities, invisible […]

Gift Getaway Retreats

Experience the 21 Roles which Reveal the Depths of Femininity  Looking back, the puzzle pieces started appearing for me very young. Starting in my teens, I was sensitive to anything I could learn about being a good woman. I remember Mom teaching me the way to iron your husband’s shirts. I was very interested and […]

Violence? No Tolerance.

Domestic Violence Destroys Homes and Families. Domestic or Intimate Partner Violence kills the foundation of good. I want to do whatever I can to stop such stupidity, ignorance and evil. This is another symptom of our twisted times and why I’m at work on Mentoring a Generation. I have curated some of the best-informed voices […]