"When your relationship improves your whole life gets better."

-Heather Carlile, M.A., L.P.C.

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Your Preferred Love Languages

Chances are your partner's set of turn-ons will not match your own. Do you prefer primarily touch, words, gifts, one's appearance, quality time, little kindnesses or something unique to you?

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How to Stop Fighting

Bickering...Arguing...Fighting...Verbal Violence...you can instantly stop all of them. The best way to resume talking is actually the opposite...it’s to listen. And we're able to listen well when we know that soon it will be our turn to speak.

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Rebuilding Trust After an Affair

A partner's level of trust can never be the same once it is broken. Rebuilding trust requires proof: an open-book policy with nothing to hide and nothing that is not freely and generously accessible.

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Using Gender Differences to Your Advantage

Become a lover who is loved: Men who learn to communicate fully are naturally more desirable to women. Women who know how to smile with genuine admiration are more attractive to men.

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Reigniting Romance

Romance is built upon paying full attention to your lover. Consider how creative and focused we become when an exciting project or event presents itself. If we can express love with that same intensity and inventiveness, romance naturally follows.

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Life Together as Best Friends Again

Best friends want to talk about everything because we can hardly wait to share the good news. We also go to our closest confidant when we need to share the bad news and get reassurance.

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