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Are You On Fire?
Or Are You Burning Out?

Most powerful is he who has himself in his own power.

POWER — Ability to act with intention
Freedom: able to act on desire
Will: power to control action

You Can Turn Your Stress Into Success…Get the Quality of Life You Want!

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Your mastery over your power determines the quality of your life.
Power begins with self-mastery including:

* knowing what you want,
* overcoming obstacles,
* going into action,
* managing your emotions and
* relishing the rewards.



Achieving what you desire depends on your ability to go into action with intention. You may not know what you want, you may possess fears that block your action or you may not have the internal or external resources to succeed.

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Keeping Your Zest for Life Handbook - uses the Nine Habits Pyramid of a Healthy Lifestyle

Keeping Your Zest for Life Handbook – uses the Nine Habits Pyramid of a Healthy Lifestyle


Zest for Life Pyramid Click this link here to download my eight-page handout. I hope this gives you inspiration to add something special to your weeks.

And, if you want some of my thoughts and encouragement, go to watch my video on You Tube. Please let me know if you have comments, suggestions, how you were inspired, etc.

See Heather’s video on You Tube.

My “Are You On Fire? or Are You Burning Out?” 30-page handbook takes you through the winding journey of identifying more of:

* your dreams or destinations,
* your road blocks,
* the vehicles that take you there,
* the burning desire that drives you ahead and
* the skills to savor not only the satisfaction but the trip to success.


Happiness Box Instructions

Happiness Box Instructions


Bon Voyage!

Table of Contents

1. Problem Solving
Symptoms of Stress    3
Sources of Stress    4
Personalizing Stress    4
Personal Priorities    5
Defining Desire    6
Your Mission Statement    7
Set Discerning Goals    7
2. Overcoming Your Obstacles
Overcoming Habits or Internal Obstacles    9
Say “Yes,” Before You Say, “No.”    10
Taking Your Power Back    10
Physical Stressors    10
Life Balance Stressors    11
Mental Stressors    11
Emotional Stressors    12
Spiritual Stressors    13
Relational Stressors    14
Problem Solving Pattern    15
Communication    16
Listening    16
Expressing Aptitude    17
Conflict Resolution    18
3. Walking Your Talk
Relaxation Techniques    20
Conserving and Building Energy    20
Managing Mental Health    22
Spiritual Health    24
Treasuring Your Time    25
4. Energizing Yourself
Support System Success    26
Personal Relationship Enrichment    27
Humor and Flexibility    27
5. Rewarding Yourself
Sensory Rewards    29
Emotional Rewards    31
Mental Rewards    32
Spiritual Rewards    33
Relational Rewards    34
Life Balancing Rewards    34
6. How I Take My Power Back
My Synthesis    36