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Anger is the Voice of Values

So often anger gets a bad name. The truth about anger is that we only feel angry when something we value is being threatened. When we lack the knowledge, power or skill to protect or preserve what we care about, a voice inside says, “No.” And, sometimes, when our methods don’t or can’t work, the voice says, “Hell no!”

My experience has taught me that those who are angry are carrying an old hurt or fear. Sometimes that hurt or fear developed so long ago that we don’t even remember where our frustration or outrage began. Even childhood defiance indicates the agony of loss — especially loss of what the child values most. For example: a school or a friend is left behind when a parent is transfered for work reasons; or a family is lost when parents divorce. The hurt may be the result of a learned helplessness, or a kind of addiction to anger hormones.

For addiction treatment in Dallas contact Ron and Donna Deage, 972-234-8636 at A Turning Point. It could also be due to ignorance about problem-solving methods, or an inability to communicate, along with many other factors.

When the frustration of impatience, irritation and pouting turns into bitterness and hostility, such outrage not only poisons our attitude but spoils our chances for a happy, healthy and successful lifestyle.

Course Outline

1. Learning About Anger
A. Emotional Intelligence and Empathy
B. Aggression, Suppression or Expression
C. The Roots and Costs of Disempowerment

2. Defining Personal Values
A. Values Clarification
B. False Assumptions and Core Beliefs
C. Purpose and Mission

3. How Anger Gives Voice to Values
A. The Three Styles of Outrage
B. The Power of Naming
C. Threats: Tantrums vs Solutions

4. Holding Strong to Your Standards
A. Cognitive Restructuring
B. Communication for Adults
C. Problem-Solving Strategies
D. Humor and Imagination Trump It All

5. Building Your Lifestyle
A. Self-Respect, Self-Soothing and Self-Defense
B. Intimacy and Relationships
C. Family, Friends and Fun

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  1. I have come to recognize that I have an anger management problem and I need help. I’m looking for a group akin to AA but for Anger Management or a group therapy setting that is not too expensive because I am a lawyer but I am unemployed at the moment. If you can help me please call me at 214 or email me.
    Thank you,

    • Hi Tom! Sorry for the delay – Im currently in Orlando working with the Yellow Ribbon program to help soldiers and their families with the reintegration process after coming home. I’ll give you a call. Don’t have a group at the moment.

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