Causes of Infidelity and How to Recover

My article on the causes of infidelity and how to recover.

Four Reasons Behind Cheating and Affairs: When Intimacy Fails in a Relationship 

by Heather Carlile, MA, LPC, LPC-S

It Always Makes Sense

When people come to me for marriage counseling, the troubling issues they describe are usually a result of some sort of problem they experienced in childhood or adolescence. In an effort to help the people who come to me for marriage or relationship counseling, I sought new and fast means to help them.

Now my clients tell me that, when I teach and mentor them, “it makes sense.” Their next thought is a question: “What do I do?” and the next step is deciding what to improve in their relationship.

As a marriage counselor, I’ve worked with hundreds of couples. Each relationship is unique and yet I can describe four general patterns that are at the root of most infidelity.

  1. Lack of Maturity
  2. Lack of Emotional Intelligence
  3. Lack of Knowledge
  4. Lack of Skills