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Emotional Intelligence

Nobility is trusting my wisdom  . . . with a strong heart.
Emotional intelligence is the essence of those courteous and charitable ones who walk among us with the power of humble knowledge and cheerful nobility–the graceful woman and the gallant man.
They inspire us with their courage and wisdom:
The courage to stand firmly for truth and the wisdom to act on it with kindly discernment.
-Heather Carlile

Emotional Intelligence Handbook

Emotional Intelligence Handbook

Emotional Intelligence: Putting Quality in Your Life
One-Day Seminar

Seminar Objectives
I. Increasing Effectiveness Under Pressure
II. Building Trusting Relationships
III. Creating the Future
IV. Develop an Individual Action Plan
Quality in Action
Write an Action Plan
Three-Month Follow Up Action Plan

How Emotions Relate to Character Growth
Four Worlds Comprise My Life
a.    Purpose: Personal Growth or Character Development
b.    Home: My Beloved, My Intimates, My Personal Private Environment
c.    Mission: My Work or How I Make a Difference
d.    Activities: My Interaction with Community

Understanding Your EQMap (Emotional Intelligence Measuring Instrument)
Using Your EQMap Scales
I. Environment
Life Pressures
Life Satisfactions
II. Emotional Awareness
Emotional Self-Awareness
Emotional Expression
Emotional Awareness of Others
III. Emotional Competencies
Interpersonal Connections
Constructive Discontent
IV. Emotional Values and Attitudes
Trust Radius
Personal Power
Integrated Self
V. Outcomes – Impact of EQ in Your Life
General Health
Quality of Life
Relationship Quotient
Optimal Performance

Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman
Executive EQ by Robert Cooper and Ayman Sawaf

Emotional Intelligence: the ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions as a source of energy, information, creativity, trust and connection.
-Esther M. Orioli and Robert K. Cooper, Q-Metrics


  1. I am interested in 4 hour seminar on Emotional Intelligence for 25 Area Sales Managers at our Carrollton location on 10/28/11. Please contact me via e-mail today and let me know if this is possible. If it is please let me know the cost.


  2. Dear Heather:

    I represent stressstop.com. We have a new DVD series called Stress,
    Emotional Intelligence and Optimal Performance. Stress Stop teamed up with Dr. Daniel Goleman to make this DVD and he narrates it.

    Daniel Goleman has written a book about this subject that has sold over one million copies. Anyone can preview the DVD at our website. Visit stressstop.com/preview/eq for more details.

    Margarette Chery

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