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Client Reviews about Heather’s COUNSELING & MENTORING:

Heather, You freed me. I’ve had the best day of my life. I never wanna go back.

You are an artist of great, great talent. You were born to do what you do to provide as much good as possible to as many people as possible while you are here. The universe is lucky to have you!

Dearest Heather,
I have no words to express how deeply touched I was. Thank you so very much for your everlasting kindness, wisdom and brilliant soul.

Thank you for helping me through the darkest times in my life and equipping me with the tools to be successful. Just wanted to let you know you have helped me more than you know.

Thank you for your time today and your wisdom and clarity. I truly believe that you are one of the smartest, wisest and most in tune people that I have ever come across. I truly appreciate you and the help that you have provided me. Furthermore, I appreciate that you truly care, I don’t know of any counselors that check on their clients after hours just to see how they are doing. You truly separate yourself in the brightest of lights from others in your profession. Thank you.

Words can’t express what it has meant to have you as a mentor and soul in my life. I’m filled with joy to continue this journey with you!

Heather is an amazing woman and an amazing Counselor. What she was able to do while I was a client of hers was nothing short of miraculous. I have recommended her and will do it over and over again. Anyone seeking guidance, support and insight with a hands-on tell-it-like-it is approach from someone who is a cutting edge trailblazer in this area of work should make an appt. with Ms. Carlile.

Hey Heather. Our session was a success. I have a new work attitude and understanding of myself. Not as stressed and I can allow the men to be men while I sit back not stressed and pick my battles. Love it. You’re the best.

Hello Heather, I hope all is well, I’m doing great. I have a friend, a woman, who needs someone to talk to; I told her about you and told her you were the best. Could I please get your contact info to give to her to have her call you. Thanks so much.

I have been to more than 50 Counselor’s in my life time and NO ONE can compare to Heather – she has helped me more in the past few months then any Counselor or rehab I have been to–so if you want to get Healed from your pain, go see her !!!

I don’t know if you remember this or not, but years ago, you guided me through an exercise using guided imagery — one of the prevailing images manifested in that session was a red lion, which sort of became a symbol for my quest of self-discovery at that time.
I shared that experience with a close friend of mine, and while in Europe, she shot a photo of one of the Trafalgar Square lions, blew it up, framed it and gave it to me as a gift — it hung on my wall until (my wife) and I were married.
That image still evokes strong emotions.

Thank you again for an amazing session and I will see you soon.

I wanted to let you know that I got your voice message yesterday and I cannot tell you how much it means to me that you called. That is a first for me (for a therapist to do that). Monday night, while very hard and exhausting, was very liberating for me. I told you more than anyone in my life (right now) knows or maybe ever will, and your compassion was simply something I will not forget. I will definitely be back to talk to you. I want to take the rest of this week and maybe next, collect some of my thoughts, make some notes on topics to discuss, and then get back in to see you. Knowing that I have you on my side is something that has already given me hope.

You have changed my life for the better in countless ways. I can safely say there is no one else on this planet like you. And lucky for those of us who get the gift of knowing you!

Was sitting in church today listening to an amazing talk on miracles and was overwhelmed with gratitude for the miracle you are in my life. You provided hope and support to me in the two roughest times of my life!! More than anyone else could. I knew you were just a phone call away which got me through the day and past the pain. You showed me life is full of miracles with the right perspective. You are grand and I thank you.

Words can’t express what it has meant to have you as a mentor and soul in my life. I’m filled with joy to continue this journey with you!

I just wanted to thank you for the info you delivered at this year’s NARME conference. As the mom of two (one being a son entering into that tween age) I gleaned so much from your session. I came home and purchased a few of the books you recommended. Your talk also got me thinking about a way to create his identity in our family. SUCCESS! Your information was a blessing to my ears. Thank you

Heather is a wonderful and compassionate counselor and coach. She takes her time getting to know you and your specific needs and desires and diligently works with you to obtain your goals. Heather has made a significant impact on my life and helped me through a difficult time. Should you need any assistance in this area, do not hesitate to contact her! You will not be disappointed!

Client reviews about Heather’s work with RELATIONSHIPS & MARRIAGE:

There are no accidents, you know that. There are hundreds of therapists in Dallas and I found you. You saved my marriage. I am so grateful for your wisdom and kindness. You will always have a special place in my heart.
My sincerest thanks.
Thank you Thank you Thank you

Client reviews about Heather’s MARRIAGE COUNSELING – WORDS FROM MEN:

Heather, thank you so much for seeing me on Friday. I greatly appreciate you fitting me in and your help. I am very blessed to have found you. Your techniques and insights are incredibly helpful. As you requested, below are some of the things I learned so far and some new ideas for living my life in a healthy way.
I have learned so much in our short time together but here are some of the key points. My lack of emotional intelligence is generally from my up bringing and my rolls in my family as the hero and the misfit (acting out). Not experiencing all the rolls hurt my emotional development. Of course having a punching bag when I was little taught me that the only way to get satisfaction when I’m upset or angry is to act them out physically. Growing up I was never taught to communicate my emotions and feel that my problems are directly caused by my lack of EQ. I feel that it’s necessary to focus on developing this to live a healthy life.

I am excited about the new program you gave me and have already started. I’m glad I was able to start with the Sincerity Scroll. I think that is an area where I have room for great improvement. I will continue to work at it every day and do anything else you recommend. Also I have completed the Lifestyle Design and will bring it with me next time I see you. It was very helpful.

I have been acting very immaturely and need to learn to handle my emotions properly. My mistakes have affected my relationships greatly and I need to do everything I can to change right now! However, it is very important that I focus on the present and not dwell on the past. I cannot change what I have done, but I can change what I do today.
Again, thank you for continuing to see me. I know my latest mistakes have let a great number of people down. I appreciate your willingness to help me and your concern. I really do truly want to be a good man. I know, without a doubt, that I have a good heart and am capable of being the man my family deserves, but I have a long way to go to get there.

I just wanted to let you know I found your article extremely helpful & informative.
I lost my mother a month ago today & find myself really struggling with the loss. However, the article really confirmed a lot of things I’m going through right now. It is really informative, helpful and insightful. I love the butterfly analogy and the stories of your experiences of grief work. The hard hitting facts about what could happen if I don’t grieve properly was most helpful.
I’m also realizing that it’s OK, every day will be different, and that giving myself permission to cry is so important.
I plan to share this article with my siblings as well.
I’ll always love you and what you helped me become! Thank you. Without what you did to guide me, I am certain that I would not have survived my sons’ deaths. We grow from our challenges. Because of you, I came to realize that God will never give me something I cannot handle. So, I felt honored to have been given the heaviest burden a person can carry, the death of a child. And, I was given two! I think of you often and regularly thank God for you. You are changing the planet!

Heather, I wanted to say thank you. I did really, exactly, what we discussed when I got home last night with really great results. It was a long discussion and very emotional but little arguing at all and a lot of honesty and, by the end of it, I had my wife back and we are great today. So thank you. It’s nice to know that you know us so well and the situation that what you’re suggesting, when done correctly, works so well so, again, thank you.
God bless you!!

This weekend would not have been possible without the confidence, grace, kindness and love you have worked so hard to grasp in your life. I am so grateful for your guidance and strength. I am now ready to pull up anchor and let my ship sail. I have been set free of the pain that was causing me to self medicate. I look forward to your continued guidance. I will let my spirit sail confidently. I can’t wait to continue the journey (The New One) with you, my wife and, of course, the real me.

Client reviews about Heather’s MARRIAGE COUNSELING – WORDS FROM WOMEN:

I just wanted to Thank you!!!!
After our last hard session with you it was a game changer.
We are back to where we were when we first dated. It’s amazing!
I really appreciate everything you did for us and will definitely be back for a refresh down the road.

Just wanted to let you know I talked to my husband and he was very accepting of what I had to say. He even thanked me!! Even the change in my attitude and how I spoke to him was like a breath of fresh air to him. I think he believes in me and I feel like there’s so much more hope now and he may even have some too!!
Not one negative word came out of his mouth and he didn’t disagree with me about us eventually getting back together so long as I stay focused on what I learned today and continue to go to you to learn more about what I need for myself and for him as a wife. I’m so excited and so determined now, thank you so much for giving me hope again! You may have just started saving my marriage and my family!!!
Thank you, thank you!!!

Heather, I know it’s late; but I really would like to tell you the things you said to me produced a huge paradigm shift for me. I am acknowledging my part and apologizing for it. I am feeling and being kinder, more compassionate, more willing to give, and more loving.
Thank you for relief and vastly more than that, really – for bringing us back to each other and opening the door to our mutual love, joy, peace, happiness, empathy, respect, support, kindness, commitment, growth, and health.

I am so grateful for what you have been able to bring us through. Your ability is invaluable and I can not find words good enough to describe what your help, insight and guidance have meant to my life and heart. His caring about our relationship enough to seek out your help and get us through the storms will be forever admired by me. And I only mention him because, without his guidance and direction to meet with you, we wouldn’t be together today. Not due to lack of love or exceptional potential. We wouldn’t be together because we didn’t have the knowledge, skills and tools… and how sad and what a waste that would be. Anyway, thanks so much for being exceptionally great and passionate about your profession.

Thank you so much for our lengthy yet productive session. We were blown away by your extreme insight into us as both as a married couple and as individuals. We ended up having dinner after we left your office last night, just the two of us. At dinner I felt the overall mood between us to be one of relief and optimism. We know we have a lot of work ahead of us. However, we both feel that with your insight, knowledge and wisdom you will be able to provide us with the tools with which to heal our marriage and ourselves.
Heather, for me personally, as a man, I cannot even begin to tell you the joy I felt in my heart to have you affirm, and communicate to (my wife) in a way that I never could, what men truly need and want from a woman. Furthermore, you also provided me with better insight and understanding of her complexities and what she needs from me both as a man and a husband.
I’m really looking forward to our next session. Thanks again!

Client comments about Heather’s WORKSHOPS

What I liked best about the program is:

Heather’s wisdom joy, love, bliss, honor
that self doubt is of no value
Heather’s genuineness
she was able to reach each individual audience member
the materials and directions to help me design my life.
the positive idea that you can change
creative and new – refreshing to hear new ideas
the writing dream – Heather’s visualization
Heather, You are incredible.
Hands on – Fast Track!
Learned new techniques.
Walk-through scenario.
A concrete technique I can use with clients. Thanks!

What I learned from Heather’s Workshop:

to use images instead of word goals
that it is okay to be fun and goofy at times
to hold my vision
the power of pictures
I really need to consider pictures not just words
what I truly want
my mind will respond better to images than words
picturing what I want
get the feeling
it’s not too late to change

Client comments about Heather’s CLASSES:

Your healing energy is so contagious that I couldn’t imagine everyone who sat with you did not learn!

Heather was very creative in her seminar time…loved the milk and cookies story time…she shares with great emotion and kept my attention very well. A very good teacher.

Yes, Heather certainly knows the subject. Incredible job of digging for information for the group and tying it together. Almost too much to comprehend.

Client comments about Heather’s use of IMAGERY:

Re: Meditation Audio: One with Life Visualization
Heather – LOVED it.
Sensations of flying and release … And then I fell asleep for the night.
Fortunately, I had the foresight to do the meditation in bed!!!

Client comments about Heather’s use of the ENNEAGRAM:

I love using the Enneagram that you taught me about years ago! I feel I’ve become somewhat of an expert on the 8 (of course, I would though, right?) I have also learned to understand the wings and different levels, etc..I have gotten pretty good at seeing other people’s Enneatype as well. Really helped me to see myself and how others see me when I am not most healthiest.

Reviews from Heather’s COLLEAGUES:

Heather is a remarkable therapist with excellent clinical skills. I have often referred people to her for couple’s counseling due to her gift for working with marriage and family therapy issues. I highly recommend her and her work. She is among a small number of therapists that I trust enough to refer to regularly.

Heather Carlile is one of the premier counselors in the Dallas area. Her warmth, knowledge, and skills make her one of the most insightful therapists in the business.

I was at your wonderful presentation on Monday about complicated bereavement for the counselors in Denton ISD. Thank you so much for all the wonderful information you gave us, it was very helpful. At our High School, the counselors are doing monthly themes and I am in charge of the theme for November. The theme is “stress/testing.” I was hoping you would be able to send me a copy of the Nine Lifestyle Habits for the healthy self pyramid. I would love to send that to our teachers as one of the areas of stress we are trying to focus on is helping our teachers cope with stress.

I just loved your workshop. You are fabulous on every level and beautiful! Wow! It was such a joy to be at your workshop. I always learn something new.
I had already been working on my topic a couple of weeks ago. He encouraged me to “pick a fight” and be seen as leading a crusade, which is seen as more helpful on a broad scale, less about me.
Then, after your workshop, it came to me about how to add another element of flavor, fun and punch. John Wayne was one of my many heroes back then and it sure fit with the photo I wanted to use. It was a perfect tie-in, Heather. THANK YOU, dear one! I’m thrilled to see what wonderful products you offer on your website and what a great teacher you are. Our world is richly blessed because of you!

Hello Heather, Happy Monday! I wanted to take a minute to share with you what a fantastic job you did not only last year, but Friday as well! Your knowledge and passion is evident and I am grateful for all you do to have a positive impact on families and healthcare professionals.
The Ranch at Dove Tree Treatment Center

I met Heather again, at a recent talk she gave and WOW! she was fabulous… Heather is sincerely, energetic, intelligent and funny. She understands the deep intra-communication that goes on within and helps people express and understand themselves in the vast complexities of their lives. I would recommend her any day as a therapist and guide.

As President of the Dallas training association, ASTD, I started a new network group. Heather was the first person to volunteer to facilitate one of the groups. She has been committed to making the group a success. I find her to be a master at leading groups – able to bring together a variety of personalities to ensure everyone learns from each other.

Like you I had other heroes – my Grandmother, my mom, my dad, reading books and fairy tales, my Uncle Andy (an Air Force pilot who flew in and took me out for Chocolate Malts at the drugstore), Mighty Mouse, Pinocchio, Superman, Cinderella (seems like I had a watch I wore as a child), Sleeping Beauty, the Lone Ranger, Jesus, and, of course, John Wayne in his many roles.

Heather, your special way of evaluating one’s positive and negative life scripts relating to one’s heroes is sheer genius. It really digs quickly into the food of the subconscious and is practical at the same time. As I thought about your words, I had a new sense of meaning into my childhood role. (At that time I was a cowboy, since there were no real cowGIRLS I knew of. I reluctantly had to admit that Annie Oakley was fantastic, even if she was a girl).
So much to think about. I’m going to start using this more with my clients. I think they’ll like it. And I’ve always love heroes and fairy tales.
Appreciate your wisdom and encouragement!

Anyone who has the gift of knowing Heather, knows she is a priceless treasure. Her soft, strong will and creative way of articulating what is going on in a particular situation is truly unique. Her wisdom and insight will change you. She is fiercely loyal, brilliant and a gifted therapist.

I find Heather to be an engaging presenter and a gifted weaver of inspired communication. She has a way of connecting with people that invites openness and a willingness to grow and expand. As a presenter, she is skilled at connecting with her audience in such a way that participants are relaxed and ready to learn.

Heather is an amazing therapist, so I can only imagine what an incredible opportunity this is for couples. She is very respected in the professional field and looked to as an expert on marriage and relationships. I give her my highest recommendation.

One can only appreciate Heather Carlile’s gifted approach by experiencing her presence as a positive force in life and at work. I worked with her on a daily basis early in her career, and I am privileged to see her growth and development as a creative, insightful, compassionate clinician who can be both scientifically rigorous and emotionally intelligent in the same moment. She sees the world, not through the lens of disease or disorder, but through the finer optic of human potential and spiritual wholeness, and this is a special gift. She is wise and well informed, tender yet tough when the chips are down, and genuinely committed to transforming the world through transforming everyday life.