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Counseling: Family Relationships

Counseling: Family Relationships

This page holds the links to the documents which support my video on Family Relationships.


Contented – happy, peaceful, harmonious

Caring – affectionate, respectful

Curious – investigate, experience, test, experiment

Creative – invent, build, grow, design


FOURTEEN SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS (request your copies on my website)

  1. Erikson’s Psychosocial Stages of Development: Erickson’s Developmental Needs
  2. The Nine Habits of a Healthy Lifestyle from The Blue Zones: 9Habits HND
  3. The Seven Lifetime Dilemma Scales
  4. 40 Assets List12-18 years old
  5. Enneagram Instructions
  6. Adolescent Individuation or Role Confusion: Self-Esteem, Confidence, etc.: Carlile Model: 21 Building Blocks of the Adolescent Identity, and the page here on my website:

    Building Blocks of a Healthy Idenitify and a Fulfilling Life

    Building Blocks of a Healthy Idenitify and a Fulfilling Life

  7. The Carlile Marriage Components Model: Carlile Relationship Model
  8.  Carlile Healthy Family Model and Parental Roles (Including Marriage): Carlile Parenting Model
  9. The Four Parent Strategies from The Virtues Project: The Virtues Project: Five Parenting Strategies
  10. Spiritual Companioning Method from The Virtues Project: The Virtues Project Companioning
  11. Boundaries Instruction from The Virtues Project: Virtues Project: Boundaries
  12. The Five Love Languages at Home and with Couples: Love Languages
  13. The Seven Views of Life or Generations from Spiral Dynamics: Spiral Dynamics – 8 Worlds
  14. Communication – Family Meetings: Family Meeting Instructions

Thank you so much for the appreciative email from my first viewer of this video!

“Hi, Heather – The video that you posted today includes a wealth of information. Thank you so much for sharing! I believe the video mentions that the handouts referenced are available on your website, but I was unable to find them.”

Yes, that’s because I was still formatting them for viewers the same day when you discovered the video!