Relationship Cruises

A Relationship Cruise Can Renew and Revitalize Your Marriage.

A couples cruise is Heather’s top choice for focusing on your relationship or marriage. Leaving your day-to-day life completely behind, you’re free to create quality time with your beloved. And, traveling with Heather Carlile guarantees you’ll learn proven steps you can take to increase your closeness and happiness with each other.

Hi, I’m Heather Carlile and my favorite things in life are 1) my marriage to Jack, 2) our fun with our friends, and 3) revitalizing marriages for my clients and students.

Many times over the years as a private practice marriage counselor I’ve said, “If I could give you a prescription, it would be to get away from everything. I’d want you to go for a vacation near water or mountains.”

Now, I’ve created Relationship Cruises to fill that vacation prescription for you!

My top recommendation for renewing yourself and your relationship is being pampered on a cruise so you can focus your attention on loving each other. And I travel with you because I want to ensure that your vacation includes my proven relationship mentoring which emphasizes friendship, funniness and festivity.

Have you ever been on a trip or a cruise and felt disappointed? The ship was full of festive environments, your stateroom was luxurious, your crew was attentive, the service was cheerful… but there was definitely something missing?

To be among those smiling faces in the photos was what you wanted. Yet you didn’t really feel it inside. And even today, you notice others who can appreciate the beauty and relaxation of a vacation while their faces aren’t exactly glowing with genuine happiness. Is this all there is for them? Or for you?

We’ve all been there. And, even if you and your partner sense that your intimate bond is fading, Heather’s passion and professional influence guarantees you’ll discover a new closeness while you feel the fun, right down to your socks!

A Relationship Cruise can help fan the flames of novelty and arousal. Sharing new experiences and feeling true enthusiasm are necessary to keep a relationship playful and passionate.

Heather offers classes for couples in Dallas. Now you can experience her teaching while enjoying the luxury of a cruise. It has no distractions, no obligations, no sleep deprivation, no cleaning, or cooking. This is divorce prevention at its finest. 😉

Compare cruises, cruise companies and cruise activities. Nothing compares to cruising with Heather Carlile. She’s a professional devoted to fast and easy learning. That means learning it, living it and laughing while you do it all!

The best part of any vacation is sharing it with someone you love. Relationship Cruises are for all couples…newlyweds, young parents, blended family parents, or empty nesters.

You won’t need a cruise finder for the best romantic cruise trip. Heather Carlile, a specialist in marriage counseling with her own private practice in Dallas, Texas, created Relationship Cruises to help couples avoid the need for a marriage counselor. These are not dating cruises; they are for couples ready for a deeper connection as best friends and romantic lovers.

In my Designer Marriage course I choose only the best and proven elements. On one of my couples cruises you get my personal mentoring. I want to ensure that every man and woman has the knowledge and ability to design a relationship which never withers.

We know that we must “work on” our relationships to keep them strong, healthy and happy. But, have you ever actually learned what it looks like to “work on” your marriage? Where is it really taught? Where are the role models for informal learning? Couples today have an unprecedented value placed on keeping the closeness and intimacy that create a heartfelt and lasting bond.

Heather is a relationship expert who mentors couples in the most effective methods to keep a relationship vital and happy. You’ll learn creative ways to anticipate and enjoy adult communication as a customary part of your day. You’ll practice how to stop avoidant, negative or hurtful conflict and resolve it with good sense. (The no. 1 predictor of divorce is avoidance of conflict.

Heather carefully weaves her program and facilitation with couples into the cruise schedule. You want both the time to be intimate and private as well as to connect with new friends and enjoy the festivities. She ensures you have just the right focus on each other through her mentoring and then leaves you to your choice of cruise activities, island explorations and private shipboard indulgences.

On ONE Cruise, Get All the Tools You’ll Ever Need to Dispel These Five Marriage Myths:

“My wife says I never listen to her. At least I think that’s what she said.”
~Author Unknown

Taking the Listening Quiz changes communication from that moment forward. Both people immediately feel more loved and respected.

“The view that a peptic ulcer may be the hole in a man’s stomach through which he crawls to escape from his wife has fairly wide acceptance.”
~John Allan Dalrymple Anderson

When a woman learns the skill of meeting her husband’s emotional needs, he can’t get enough of her company.

“I never married because there was no need. I have three pets at home which answer the same purpose as a husband. I have a dog which growls every morning, a parrot which swears all afternoon, and a cat that comes home late at night.”
~Marie Corelli

If a husband knows his wife’s languages of love, she is at his feet for all time and he doesn’t growl, swear or stay out late (without her).

“Three rings of marriage are the engagement ring, the wedding ring, and the suffering.”
~Author Unknown

Lovers live an unending circle of ever renewable pleasures; yesterday’s kiss is a dream, reality is the one you share today!

“The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret.”
~Henny Youngman

There are 15 ‘secrets’ for creating a Designer Marriage in the Carlile Marriage Model… a relationship each couple create to their personal taste and pleasure. Download the Carlile Marriage Model.



The Quickie Cruise

3-Day Getaway on Weekend Cruises

This is a bargain cruise – less expensive in time, money and lifestyle disruption.

Heather accompanies you on an all-inclusive package with her favorite cruise line. Just get a long weekend reserved and create some unforgettable memories with the special inspiration of Relationship Cruises to keep your play time focused on intimacy and quality.

Scratching the Seven Year Itch

7- Day Caribbean Luxury Cruises

Did you know that “The Seven-Year Itch is not “an old wive’s tale?” Through the years in marriage counseling, I observed that many couples described the downturn in their relationship happened around the seven-year mark or after 14, 21 or 28 years! I saw the cycle and knew it was natural…healthy.

Heather’s goal is to teach quickly through experience rather than just information so you live it now! This transformation is not a lengthy, step-by-step process. You get results in just a week along with this fabulous experience on one of the largest cruise ships on the oceans.

Delux Designer Marriage Shipboard

10-Day Group Cruises

Relax, Relish. Rejuvenate, Reinvent. Lose yourselves in each other on this extravagant retreat from your usual world. Be pampered, entertained and enticed. And experience the dimensions of Heather Carlile as a personality and relationship expert coaching you and your Beloved. The memories you make, the depths you share, the laughter you enjoy will spoil you for any other adult cruise. And, you’ll take new ways of loving and partnering into your future. You will know that, together, you are charmed and unstoppable. Your dear ones will want what you have.

Exclusive Couples Quest

8-Days, 7-Nights Sailing Cruises Aboard a Private Chartered Yacht

Cruise the Caribbean

Find each other again on tropical water and secluded beaches. All your meals, snacks and open premium bar are included. Go barefoot, relax on deck in the warm breezes, enjoy intimate dinners and anchoring in quiet coves. Relationship Cruises extras are focused on communication, designing a plan for ongoing renewal of your deep friendship and romantic enthusiasm.

Renewal of Vows and Weddings

Wedding Cruises

Heather is also the Reverend Carlile – she joyfully officiates at your renewal of vows or your wedding ceremony.


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