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Dear Visitors to My Website,

Let me invite you to take full advantage of my own experiences in life, my personal quest for excellence as well as my schooling in psychology. Though my ongoing studying, classes, reading and exploring I continuously adopt and perfect new counseling techniques. My resources in understanding people and relationships are constantly renewed with the plethora of new knowledge and writings available every year in this pioneering profession of psychology.

THE NINE ENNEAGRAM TYPES: I started the trainings to qualify for the Enneagram Institute Certification. And, so far (starting in February 2013) I am more impressed with the Enneagram and the generous people associated with The Enneagram Institute than ever. Using this instrument for over twenty years has proven to be the most accurate and powerful tool for my skills and my clients. I always recommend that a new client or couple take the full-length version of the RHETI online for their first session. It just costs $12 on The Enneagram Institute website.

BOOKS: Here are a few of my current favorite resources.


“The Wisdom of the Enneagram: The Complete Guide to Psychological and Spiritual Growth for the Nine Personality Types” by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson.

Diana West’s well-researched book: “The Death of the Grown-up: How America’s Arrested Development is Bringing Down Western Civilization.”

“Awakening the Heroes Within” by Carol Pearson. This is a practical and fascinating guide to The Hero’s Journey with The Heroic Myth Index to help you determine which of the twelve stages are active in your life.

Some of my work has taken me into teaching a synthesis of archetypes (or roles) from the private and the personal (see my  exercise identifying your unconscious life script which evolved from your childhood hero(s), to the cultural and universal (see Spiral Dynamics).

I designed this website to be useful to you even if you can’t come to see me in person in my office in Richardson / Dallas, Texas. I hope that you discover something here that helps you improve your quality of life.

I welcome you to contact me anytime. Simply call 214-636-5889.

My best to you!

BRIEF BIO: Heather Carlile’s professionalism as a Licensed Professional Counselor is marked by openmindedness, gentle concern, insightful understanding, a sense of humor and practical solutions. Ms. Carlile sees her clients as having the capacity for self-direction and the ability to solve their own problems. Her therapeutic goal is to assist achievement of practical improvements in the lives of her clients according to their individual needs. She treats adults, couples and groups for depression relief, childhood trauma, relationship improvement and grief resolution. She has a special ability to draw out her clients’ strength and wisdom.

Heather’s model for human empowerment balances six interdependent areas for health: physical, instinctual, emotional, mental, spiritual and relational. She advocates that some segments of society currently over-values mental or intellectual or physical/athletic aspects, thereby neglecting mature, balanced experience and expression on the other levels of being.

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Heather’s YouTube Channel

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List of Topics


  1. Get Your Education and Knowledge
  2. Using Your Good Judgement
  3. Styles of Self Sabotage
  4. Breaking Bad Habits
  5. Can-Do Attitude
  6. Motivation and Self-Discipline
  7. Action and Persistence
  8. LifeStyle Design Guide
  9. The Passion Locator I
  10. The Passion Locator II
  11. Awaken Old Dreams
  12. Keeping Our Teens On Track
  13. Enmeshed with Parents
  14. Forgiveness
  15. Life Scripts from Role Models
  16. Coping with Our Saboteur
  17. Purpose & Mission
  18. Avoid Sabotaging Your Goals
  19. LifeStyle Design – 1. Health & 2. Belonging
  20. LifeStyle Design – 3. Sense of Self
  21. LifeStyle Design – 4. Enthusiasm!
  22. LifeStyle Design – 5. Personal Power
  23. LifeStyle Design – 6. Standards & Spirit
  24. Making Magic Moments for Holidays
  25. Recipes for Happiness
  26. Holiday Stress
  27. Emotional Intelligence Part 1 to 3
  28. Boundaries
  29. Grief Recovery
  30. The Six Styles of Stressing
  31. Creating Outcomes
  32. Mental Agility
  33. Healthy Lifestyle

Marriage Counseling:

  1. Happiness
  2. Stop Arguing
  3. Expressing Love
  4. Infidelity Help
  5. Fertility Issues
  6. Rebuilding Trust
  7. Sexual Intimacy
  8. Romantic Bond
  9. Arouse Romance
  10. Ways We Lose Romance
  11. No.1 Cause of Divorce
  12. Men and Trust
  13. Gender Love Needs
  14. Gender Differences
  15. Creating Happiness Part I and Part II
  16. Romantic Bond
  17. EQ and Fighting Nice
  18. Best Friends
  19. Common Values
  20. Know Yourself
  21. Cushion Statements
  22. Friends & Lovers: Deep Friendship
  23. Common Sense Communication
  24. Listening Skills: Paying Attention. 1)
  25. Listening Skills: 2) and 3)
  26. Listening Skills: 4) and 5)
  27. Listening Skills: 6) and 7)
  28. Expressing Skills: 1) and 2)
  29. Expressing: 3)The Five Tantrums
  30. Expressing Skills: 4) and 5)
  31. Love


  1. I need some advice and guidence on personal and relationship matters, I am looking for someone who can do individual and couples counciling. Please let me know if this is something that you offer.

    • Dear Kristin, Thanks for asking. Yes, I do individual and couples counseling and would be happy to see you. Just give me a call and I’ll answer any questions you have. 214-636-5889. I look forward to hearing from you!
      All the best,

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