Letting Go

2024 Somehow holds more possibilities!

It’s been three years this week since my wonderful husband passed away. Yes, as I mentor those in grief and loss, it may take 1 1/2 to 3 years to weather the dark journey through the chrysalis of loss and change. I haven’t been able to escape the agony and dullness of traversing the Valley of the Shadow of Death. And, I do endeavor to walk my talk sincerely, always have. But, I never expected that I would be required to weather such suffering.

But, now, I can, again, think clearly and am ready for this solitary sojourn with peace and gratitude. Jack did give me everything  for expressing my talents. He especially gave me a forever love. In retrospection, I love him even more with the perspective of remembering the twenty years of our marriage. As is often our experience, I wish I’d been better…I wish that I could have been more devoted to him in more ways. And, at the same time, I know that we both gave everything we could to each other and our life together.

I let him go and find the peaceful gratitude that I am passionate about my works. There is much to do and, in honor of Jack, it must be done with smiles, excellence and sparkle! I’m going to create The People Jazz Podcasts.

He left me with my home, Principessa, a beautiful private practice office, a professional video podcast studio and endless computing power! Bravissimo, my Beloved. Time to take action and I’m ready.



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