NEXT: The Conceptual Age

Future Fit Leadership is for Women in the Second Adulthood.

This is an immersion course…The Workshop for the Next Era.

Future Fit Leadership means having a vision of the new Conceptual Age forming in our country, and in our connections with the civilized world.

Many futurists are communicating and creating solutions, which may not be visible to the wider public.

  • Do you have reservations about being a futurist with a motivating vision?
  • Do you have distractions? Are you confused?
  • What does leadership mean to you? Is it being up old-fashioned boss? Is it being pleasing and passive?
  • Have you experienced short-term thinkers that are too aggressive or too passive?
  • Have you encountered leaders who don’t have a vision or just a surface understanding of real leadership?
  • Are you disconcerted by your distractions?
  • How do YOU define leadership?

CONFIDENT ROLES: We examine all ten of your roles and clearly define the optimum form rather than being clumsy, too much or too little.

MISSING PRIORITIES: We embrace the abilities which haven’t been prioritized before which are practically necessary to improve our homes and businesses.


This course is taught by true Futurists with experience in the corporate world and in the most recent human development methods. This is the universal system which is both timeless and visionary for the next era of our culture.

TIPS FROM FUTURISTS: Being future fit today, requires a whole new mind, a different mindset and taking tips from the worlds best Futurists.

WHOLE BRAIN: Unlike the past, being future fit means developing those talents and natural abilities, more innate in women than men because it’s requiring the whole brain not just the left brain.

THE FUTURE IS NOW: However, these expansions of personality and ability are not taught in school, and university or in corporate universities. This message is for being future fit starting now.


THE NEXT AGE: Quality of life does not start from the previous generation, nor the current generation, but guided by the evolution of needing to move past the Industrial Age, and the Information Age into the Conceptual Age.

IT’S NOT INVENTIONS: The aging futurists who continue to think through the ethos of the Information Age, like the greatly-admired inventor, Kurzweil, focus on the material world of body longevity and technology innovations for better tools. But, that exterior perspective doesn’t embrace the Conceptual Age where the internal human capabilities and collaborations called for by our future are unexplored and seriously undeveloped.

IT’S NOT IN SPACE: Our materialist scientist engineers and manufacturers have done their job. Further inventions can’t improve life through the philosophy which wields the tools for humanity with gadgets. Space travel, as today’s futurists say, is an immature endeavor which doesn’t see quality of life through the lens of what is critically needed for the planet and her inhabitants.

VISION OF THE CONCEPTUAL AGE: Future Fit Leadership means having a vision of the new era forming in our country, and in our connections with the civilized world. Many futurists are communicating and creating solutions, which may not be visible to the wider public.

Future Fit Leadership for Women Workshop

10 MAJOR ROLES: This course synthesizes the left and the right brain using ten archetypes. This is beyond just logic and IQ. We expand our view to identify the 25 human intelligences. We use music, legends and role models. With the history of education in the humanities, each of us is familiar with the ten major roles that we play in life from Archetypes at Work™.


FIVE REALMS OF LIFE: We adventure through ReWriting Your Future with the Five Realms which can touch 1. ORDER, 2. RELATIONSHIPS, 3. CREATIVITY, 4. CHANGE AND 5. ACTION within every person through the lens of what is required of leadership next. We naturally develop some of the archetypes and don’t pay much attention to others. The exercises help you to look at which archetypes may be overused or over-developed and which may need to be morphed for our evolving roles and organizations.

INDIVIDUAL MENTORING: We look at what you’re missing in terms of being successful with the next part of your life’s journey. We listen to each other and mentor each other with new ideas and perspective from the outside looking in.

SELF ASSESSMENT: The ten archetypes from Archetypes at Work™ are proven to guide each person’s success through identifying areas of growth with the APR self assessment ~ the Archetypal Preferences Report™.


THE APR: Archetype Preferences Report™ Plus 1-hour Individual DeBrief: $300

MORE IN ’24…

COURSE: Series of Seven Online Recorded Workshops


January 18 & 25, February 08 & 22, March 07 & 21, April 04

TIME: EST 7:00 – 8:30 PM. CST 6:00 – 7:30 PM. PST 4:00 – 5:30 PM.


WORKSHOP FEE: $350 ($300 if registered by December 15)

TOTAL for APR & WORKSHOPS: $650 ($600 BY DEC. 15)

The Future Fit Trio: Heather Carlile ~ 214-636-5889, Lynn McCracken ~ 214-470-7752, and Pamela Twigg ~ 301-338-0409, collaborate as futurists and utilize Archetypes at Work™, a new scientifically-validated method to assess and develop people and organizations.



Heather Carlile ~ Lynn McCracken ~ Pamela Twigg

The three of us share a passion for mentoring women. We have woven three careers together for a fresh perspective on today’s transformative motion. Heather, a Canadian from the theater world, is a depth counselor, a professional speaker, a corporate instructor and a methods innovator. Lynn hails from California, is a psychotherapist, a curriculum developer, a singer songwriter and the founder of The Firefly Movement. Pamela has divided her life between the USA and the Netherlands, is a career corporate professional, a business consultant, a facilitator/presenter and an executive coach.

FUTURE FIT TRIO: We formed the Future Fit Trio during our international immersion training for the Archetypes at Work Guild. We share a life’s mission for mentoring and facilitating women for the leadership roles necessary for humanity’s evolutionary times. Now, we are creatives teaching together! We invite you to join us for these innovative and experiential workshops.




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