International Women’s Day 2020

We Tell the Stories

When the hardships are past.

When we return to our town,

see and settle, in peace,

we tell the stories of pain,

awaken our hearts so we weep–

soften and weep–

inspired by empathy

and validation of ordeals.

We tell the stories of humanity,

and walk into our story…

or, the stories we know

which remind us

that the pain and the tears,

once so shunned and locked away,

which are the cleansing liquid,

are the water that washes away

the terror of horrors and harm.

We feel emotions, the love,

through the purity of tears,

the tears not only of grief and regret but of joy.

Unresolved hurt is what holds us back.

Hardened into hopelessness,

exploded into useless ranting and rage,

only to be triggered again and again.

What good could we feel with forgiving?

What peace could we prepare with no blame?

What good could we know with letting it go?

if we released resentment of both me and you?

if the hurts were healed and gone?

We could tell stories of fun and invention

and dance in the light of the dawn.

~ Heather Carlile 3/8/2020

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