Grief ~ The Dark Place in the Middle

Grief – The Place in the Middle

Grieving is the place in the middle…

The dark place in the cocoon…

between the Old Dream and the New Dream.

It is entering the darkness of the chrysalis,

Where we see no light at the end,

Where we can only but take the next single step.

Where we walk The Dark Night of the Soul,

Where we can’t find pieces of who we are,

Where we wander through the anguish of loss,

Where we are lost.

Grief is the entering of the No Dream…

It is weeping for our own agony,

Mourning the pain of others,

It is hopeless tragedy,

And the howling for what once was,

Begging to have it back.

Grief is losing the self in limbo,

Suffering the torture of hopelessness,

Bereft of what once was and never again shall be,

It is facing the dirth and the death,

And accepting the emptiness.


In the end, it is the spent exhaustion

Of raging and not controlling,

Of seeking and not finding,

Of weeping and not healing,

Of pleading and not receiving,

Of hoping and not having.


And there is then only the thin, shaking shadow

Of what we once were

Lost in the powerlessness of humility,

Willing to drop the treasure,

Resigned to turn away,

Facing forward with faith

And tremulous hope…

for a new day.

~ Heather Carlile

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