International Womens Day Dream – Equals with Our Men

Friday, March 8, 2019, is International Womens Day.

Yesterday, I wrote this dream for us:


If I were a woman who came from a time
when we were equals with our men,
and what we created was sublime,
I would pause, aghast, and look again.

What has happened? How can this be?
How everything I see…it’s a mystery to me,
what would have to be for dark to douse the light?
It must have spiraled fast to end in evil, vicious revelry.
Turned away from truth, they were blinded in their sight.

The very birth to Earth…the beginnings of this life…
reveals it, all the best, a man embraces his wife with their baby at her breast.
The purest and ultimate icon of life and love for people.
A human born with so few days to grow and garden, to work and rest,
somehow trampled in days bygone, was scorched by trauma and steeple.
The ancient warping devolved into traditions and histories of strife.

But, there are those who say that’s all in the past,
That the beauty of our return to love is blooming.
And, with devoted adults, we can make it stop, at last,
with our natural instincts and heartfelt longings resuming.

To turn our back on hate just sees the color of fear
when it’s best to turn toward each other, see and know:
Caring is our fate. A father and mother keep their children near.
Those ties are innate even to laying down life and letting go.

Perhaps, one day, we’ll know how we spiraled down to shame
and lost sincere respect for all, our bonds, our talents and mission
which put the woman down, below and gave the feminine blame.
A few maintain the dream, live from the soul’s true mission.

We’ll be equals with our men again with those false fears banished by clear
understanding of Nature’s intent in our ken with permission for friends
in community, creativity, beauty and love from all for each of our dears.
At ground, we know and feel that to love and be loved is the real end.

3/3/19 Heather Carlile

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