2019 ~ Speaking

My NSA-NT Member Power Portrait for 2019

Heather Carlile, MA, LPC-S




Topics: Mentoring a Generation in five subjects.

PURPOSE: Mentoring for Mission ~ ReWriting Your Future

COUPLES: Mentoring for Marriage ~ Designer Marriage

FAMILY: Mentoring for Parenting ~ Keeping Our Teens On Track

HARDSHIPS: Mentoring for Healing ~ Knowing & Preventing OuchRage

THE POWER OF NAMING: Mentoring Women in 20 Roles

NSA journey began: I originally joined around 1995 and was one of the first mentees. Joe Charbonneau was still cheering us on! I went to the national conference in Orlando.

I learned that I was going to be ‘branded’ when I took the platform. So, I went back to work. Only now, can I commit to topics: Mentoring a Generation in five areas which includes The Power of Naming and OuchRage.

So, I’m thankful that you are still here and that I can return to crank up again!

Before going on stage: Ground myself in breathing and focus on my first point.

Advice to self just starting out: Trust yourself. Remember to simplify for success.

Ideal client: People who know hardship and are interested in learning more.

What fuels your passion for speaking: Today, we really know the foundation of health, happiness and success. We understand the causes of harm and we know, not only how to heal, but how to prevent most injuries and addiction. Healthy people come from a happy home. I am driven to share and teach this knowledge: Know Yourself ~ Treasure Life ~ Love Others!

Describe your primary role: I am a mentor with knowledge and teaching about the building blocks of a healthy lifestyle in my private practice office or from the platform teaching my colleagues or the public.

Early signs as speaker: My favorite thing in grade school was elocution – won prizes reciting poetry. High school theater inspired my BFA in Acting from the U of A in Edmonton, AB. Then, later in Dallas, I became a professional counselor to have a trustworthy voice so that I can help others.

Favorite non-NSA hobbies: Argentine Tango, dinner parties, poetry and painting.

A unique fact about you: I grew up in Northern Saskatchewan without running water, electricity or telephones. I love civilization and cultures.

Those who know you best describe you as: Cheerful, articulate, wise and kind.

Fun personal vacation: River cruise on the Seine or the Danube with my husband, classical composer, Jack Waldenmaier.

Animals: two rescue cats, Tookie and Casey. And, sponsor of Ursa, a Wild and Free Alaska sled dog.

Biggest excitement for NSA-NT 2018-2019 program year: Finish a book!

P.S. The necklace in my photo was designed for me by Donna Naylor.

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