When We Forgot the Female

When did the Killing Come?

When We Forgot the Female.

When did the killing come?

When did competition get credence?

When was war welcomed?

It Started So Small

It started so small.

With a woman and man.

With a family and tribe.

With tragedy too tough.

With grief not enough.

We weren’t made for war.

We weren’t made for fighting.

We forgot the female.

Our Birthright is Both

We were made for aliveness.

To hang on and to let go.

for fine food

for lots of laughter

for caring comfort

for lifelong learning

for plenty of pleasure

for curious creativity

for family fun

for endless exploring

for teaching tools

for loving long.

Powerless Places

When a tragedy was too terrible.

When forests were burned barren.

When we lost too much.

When friends were drowned and dead.

When pain punctured patience.

When babies were birthed and buried.

When lands were flooded and fallow.

When homes were hewn and harmed.

When hearts were halted in horror.

When suffering was starving.

When a man failed.

When a woman fell ill.

When tears were too long.

When the draught dried to a desert.

When it got crowded.

When we were starving.

When we built on the beach and the tides washed it away.

When we got impatient.

When we got angry.

When we got scared, tired, abandoned, orphaned…

When we raged in vain.

Too Much Control

We weren’t made for fighting.

We weren’t made for war.

We forgot the female.

And, now, we don’t grieve.

We can’t let go.

It’s too much.

And, so, we control.

We defend and make enemies.

Divided from hurt, it festers inside.

We gave up on grief, tenderness, honesty, agony.

In helpless horror

We strike something close.

A soul suffering searing sadness

Bludgeons beloveds and babies.

Holding on and Letting Go

Holding On is Mourning.

Letting Go is Grieving.

Holding a hand and a heart.

Talking through tears.

Touching with tenderness.

Crying with comforting.

Sobbing and stamping.

Releasing revenge.

Rocking into rest.

Surrender to sincerity.

Sighing our sadness.

Relax and renew.

Our birthright is both male and female.

We forgot the female.

We hang on and we let go.

Family and friends find the feminine.

Born with love in a home.

Growing up and making friends.

Parented, mentored, schooled all together.

There is no fighting, only understanding and collaborating, dedication to equality, respect and fairness.

There is no war, only neighborliness and community, belonging and countries.

There is no competition, only sharing, generosity, freedom, a yearning for purpose.

There is frolicking, having fun, confidence and needing to matter.

There is mourning, honoring losses, great-heartedness and passion.

There is working, reaping the rewards, competence and contribution.

There is creativity, beauty, building, art, gardening and decorating.

There is philosophy, adventure, invention and discovery.

There is eating, communal tables, friendly talk and a sense of humor.

There is trust, safety and a desire for life.

Our birthright is both.

Men, women, young, old.

Treasuring life.


When we forgot the female.

We made war.

~ ~ ~


To honor the ones who died in war.

– Heather Carlile

5/28/18 Memorial Day

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