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As a couples or marriage counselor, my first question is, “Do you have kids?” If, “Yes,” then I want to know how the children are doing. Children and their health reflect the quality of their parents and their parents ability to have a good relationship and to keep a home and a family secure. If the kids are good, my job working to improve their relationship is more focused. However, when the children are troubled in some way, school performance isn’t good, they don’t have extra-curricular activities, they are angry, depressed or anxious, I know that I need to make sure they are protected. Children don’t have certain choices. And, when working with a parent or parents, I consider myself part of the community which protects and nurtures their growth. So, here is a list of some of the best sources of child development and parent support today. Enjoy! And, if you have more to recommend, please leave a comment so that I can add to my list.


The Video Encyclopedia of Parenting

The Momentous Institute

Alberta Family Wellness Initiative

Gordon Neufeld, PhD

Michael Gurian, PhD

Search Institute

Lists of Developmental Assets by Age

Parenting Website:

The Great Parenting Show

Harvard ~ Center on the Developing Child

Harvard Parenting Project Site


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