Gift Getaway for Well Women

International Women’s Day

Women Are:

Healthy – They are Well in Body, Mind & Heart.

Caring – They Bring Water to Thirsty Souls.

Strong – They Carry Stories of Suffering & Sunshine.

Deep – They Share Wisdom from their Bottomless Well.

Clear – They Preserve Beauty, Order & Truth.

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2017 marked the launch of the Gift Getaway’s for women.

Years ago, little did I know

my calling was creating

a savvy circle for seven.

Sister souls, side-by-side,

Sensitive, sitting and saying

the tenderest tales and truths.

I mentored them by mirroring

the ferocious and fancy flames

which every woman carries.

And writing their myriad names,

from friends to mothers and fairies,

how we play at jobs and games.

Each one invents and shares

bright sparks for family and fun.

She’s sure because she cares,

her love brings water and sun.

A Woman simply reaches within and connects with her knowing, her ways and says:

I am smart, sensitive and savvy.

I am audacious, fun and sassy.

I am strong, fierce and heroic.

I preserve beauty, order and truth.

I am reverent about our planet.

I am blessed by my own body.

I am inspired to serve and create.

I live joyfully with great gratitude.

~ ~ ~


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