Partnership: Family is First


On this, the eve of International woman’s Day, I share the poem which came pouring out over the last three days. It’s my civil and thoughtful little rant. I hope you will comment!



A woman’s equipped
with masculine modes.
She’s happy at work
and happy at home.

Her dream’s to have kids.
She wants to give birth.
Immersed in her home
She schools and makes mirth.

Or builds a career
With passion for works.
Her service expands
with promotions and percs.

When science is king
and business the best,
a woman can try
but can’t build her nest.

Her family is first.
Her husband, her sun.
The kids need her all.
She mentors each one.

Without inner strength
she’ll cave to the norm.
Financial success.
But mothering mourn.

We need her at home.
She teaches the art
of friendship and care,
of culture and heart.

She gathers a group
which gardens her street.
She fosters events.
Invokes dancing feet.

A quality life,
When money gives wealth,
brings freedom to live
in joy and in health.

The scourge of our times
Is big and yet small
one thing alone
is missing, that’s all.

The feminine half
is missing on Earth
without family fun
why do we give birth?

They say, most all men,
“I’m busting my butt,
It’s all for my kids.
I know in my gut.”

No time to relax.
If she stays at home,
it isn’t enough.
Can’t do it alone.

It seems like no way
to stop the decline.
The war just expands.
What’s yours and what’s mine.

We’re now so off track,
forgotten our goal,
it’s science and gold,
no time for the soul.

The purview of girls
has been redefined
join boys at their work,
no less of a mind.

But what can we do?
a waste to compete.
Relationships first,
our homes made complete.

Our females took jobs
as good as a man
but look at the loss
the way life began.

A man must provide
and hunt down the deer.
But, not go to war
and fight out of fear.

The babies want mom
the wives want their man
the home needs them both
together again.

We make a few strides
but OuchRage destroys
the bond with the heart
in girls and in boys.

They rise up against
the ones they most need
abandoned and hurt
with no one to lead.

We broke the close ties.
We hadn’t a clue.
We lost our small clan,
diluted the glue.

We don’t hold them close.
Abandoned again.
Devoted to feel
Such hatred and pain.

Disgusted by rage,
We let them rebel.
Disown them for now.
No love makes life hell.

But all of that hate
a smoke screen for sad.
The longing is loud…
Just need mom and dad.

What makes them come back?
If ever they do.
Just interest in them.
An apology, too.

It may take some time.
Sometimes an ordeal.
Or merely an ear
To hear how they feel.

We broke the close ties
but we didn’t know
they needed their home
and we let them go.

They say at eighteen
You kick them all out
to go get a job
despite all your doubt.

“Just kick the teens out
They should pay their rent
Or be in some school
with money we sent.”

It’s time to grow up
get out on their own.
Their attitude sucks
and not in this home.

The truth is our youth
need elders so much,
the ones who stay close
will thrive if in touch.

Today, we have learned
it’s just family ties
that count in the end
if outcast, it dies.

The house is too small.
The rift is too wide.
So much that’s unsaid,
They’re not on our side.

They launch into life
supported by peers
but what do kids know
when driven by fears?

The wise ones are meant
to mentor and and cheer
to welcome them home
to teach and dry tears.

They lied when they said,
“Don’t ask us for stuff.
Be strong and alone,
explore, that’s enough.”

It’s not all in sports
nor in subjects at school
It’s scouting and serving.
It’s times that are cool.

No need to rebel
When parents come home
and help all their kids
to learn and to hone
their talents and skills,
both logic and art,
connecting them all
with play and with heart.

The passionate cause
against all that’s bad
constructs a new team
because it’s so sad.

The struggles are now
with all hand-in-hand
united by care,
for good we will stand.

With multiple minds
Invention can soar.
the tribe works as one.
Small fights now a bore.

So, how do we bond,
keep working as one?
We need active homes
and space to have fun.

We need kin and friends,
the neighborly kind,
and block party days
with projects that bind.

There’s no end of things
to keep us inspired
when grown-ups take charge.
Then nobody’s tired.

Community clans
create wondrous things.
Each one has a part
so everyone sings.

When female and male
are equally paid,
by paycheck or time,
such goodness is made.

It’s simple and true
what partnership makes.
When loved ones are first
that’s all that it takes.

Heather Carlile

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