Playing With Fire in Marriages

As a Marriage Counselor, I learn countless examples of how we “Play with Fire” in our relationships. Often people do things without thinking which end up hurting the one they love and affecting the levels of trust they have created. And, sometimes, we know that we’ve made a mistake yet don’t know how to apologize effectively to we can move towards healing and forgiveness and get on the road to rebuilding trust. Marriage, of all things, I believe is The Real Deal in life. Yes, it is the most personal and powerful way we have of connecting and loving. And, yes, it is the place where our mistakes really count. Fortunately, our willingness to repair the hurts and avoid them in the future usually creates an even stronger bond. So, I hope you don’t intentionally find yourself “Playing with Fire” (my new keynote talk) but, if you do, please see a professional like me ASAP!


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