My First Google + Hangout

My first Google + Hangout broadcast is at 7:30 tonight. It’s free to anyone who has a Google + Page. A special opportunity came via an email from Dr. Kathy McDonald, a colleague and professor who attended my workshop at the TCA Conference on “Childhood Role Models: The Gifts and the Curses in the Childhood Hero.” I’ll be presenting to her psychology class at OSU tonight via my Google + Hangout!

As a Marriage Counselor, I am always playing detective. I listen carefully to each person – I hear the stories, the examples, the word-usage, the type of emotional response, the levels of perception or judgement, signs of inflexibility, etc. Sometimes the cause of difficulties or conflict is not obvious. But, often, when I probe about childhood role models it reveals an unconscious life script. The heroes we identify with as our brain develops can program our view of ourselves and others and the world in stiff patterns. We create habits and judgements based on the talents and gifts perceived in the hero. But, children aren’t mature enough to see what’s missing or what’s unrealistic. It can be pretty disconcerting looking through adult and discerning eyes at how we can (and, probably did) limit ourselves and misinterpret life based on those fondly-held heroes.

You can learn about what happened “When Tarzan Married Cinderella” on my 4-part You Tube presentation.

P.S. I had the best time with Dr. McDonald’s students – they had insightful questions…a few I’d never encountered before. I’m looking forward to more!


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  1. Heather,

    Thank you for the information and opportunity to meet you via broadcast. The lecture was fascinating and has peaked my interest in multiple avenues. Hope to work together in the future

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