Using the Enneagram to Find and Refine Relationships

Using the Enneagram to Find and Refine Relationships
Thursdays, May 30 – June 13, 7-9 pm
Unity Church of Dallas – Open to the Public
$55 for all three classes.
or call: 972-233-7106

Looking for a soul mate or just trying to really understand the one you’ve got? 

Join expert facilitator and Marriage Counselor, Heather  Carlile as she teaches you:
– About the ancient history of the Enneagram
– How to identify your Type and understand the other eight Types.
– To discover the talents, challenges and 9 levels of health in each of the 9 Enneagram types
 -To know the growth and stress patterns for each of the 9 types.
– The “passion” and “virtue” – or Holy Idea to cultivate for each Type.
EnneagramCouples2MY BEST TOOL FOR 20 YEARS: I have been using the wisdom of the Enneagram in my private practice as a marriage counselor for 20 years. I also teach the professional use of the Enneagram for continuing education to my colleagues. For the past two years, I have been honored to serve the Army by teaching the Enneagram Personality Types. I am invited quarterly to teach a workshop introduction at the Army’s Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Conferences for soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and their families.

BETTER MARRIAGE COUNSELING: When I know someone’s Enneatype, I am about 70% faster in the beginning at assisting them in my private practice counseling for individuals and couples. It usually reveals our source of skills as well as blind spots.

DEFAULT IDENTITY: I call the Enneatype ‘the Default Archetypal Role.’ I see it metaphorically as the ‘hat’ we put on when we get out of bed in the morning and we may assume that it defines who we are…our identity. And, we are more than the Enneatype even though it is our default and a signpost to our major gifts and spiritual growth. 

I hope you can join me for the class.

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