Gender Equality – Voiceover Translation in the Can!

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Composer, musician, professor, Dr. Mike Bogle, helped me contribute to Beverly Hill’s Gendercide Awareness Project this month.

Beverly was given a copy of the German documentary, “Caught in an Unjust World: To be a woman in India,” a film by Marion Mayer-Hohdahl. Beverly found a translator and asked me if I would be willing to record the voice over in English. I was thrilled to be able to help!

Then, as luck would have it, I met Dr. Mike Bogle at a Blue Candlelight chamber music concert.

Beverly gave me the script and I took it into Mike. He welcomed me to his recording studio. We completed the recording and became fast friends. Thanks, so much, Mike!

A relentless passion drives my wanting to understand gender difference. My curiosity about male and female roles started when I was in high school. I’m STILL learning. And, as a Marriage Counselor, I learn intimate details about real relationships every week. I am very sensitive to the privilege I have in being a woman loved and respected in true reciprocity by her husband. And, I have no illusions about how so many of our global cultural traditions are “Playing With Fire” in the inequity in marriages and intimate relationships and family systems.

I am driven to articulate the problem (one of the most severe is gendercide), the costs (about 200 million women are currently dead), the goals (infusing new beliefs in our cultural milieu) and how to get there (the lessons in my Designer Marriage book). So, I’ve been refining my knowledge in my private practice work with couples and in my workshops for my colleagues. Now, because of the success couples attribute to my work with them, I think that it’s time that expand outside the private space in my office and that I teach in public places.

You Tube videos and Google Hangouts are available to me with perfect timing!


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