Mentoring a Generation
by Heather Carlile, MA, LPC-S


1. PURPOSE: Mentoring a Generation for Mission

Building Blocks of a Healthy Life

Making a Difference.

2. COUPLES: Mentoring a Generation for Marriage

Deep Friendship

Romantic Intimacy.

3. FAMILY: Mentoring a Generation for Parenting

Identify the OuchRage: Counterwill and Crisis

Commitment to Meaning.

4. HARDSHIPS: Mentoring a Generation for Healing

Understand the Wound, OuchRage & Addiction: Love, Lack, Lifestyle

Heal the Wounds: Connect, Grieve, Stop the Trauma.

2017 is my year for sharing the results from my career of writing, mentoring and healing.

Today, I announce the seven categories of my works. Through the weeks and years in private practice and in teaching my colleagues, I’ve produced materials for homework and for education. Last year I shared the substance of my methods for working with couples in a workshop with my colleagues. That really is the beginning for goodness. I am convinced that home, deep friendship and adult intimate bonds are the foundation for good in the world.

  1. Couples & Relationships
  2. Parenting & Mentoring
  3. Anger, Grief, Trauma, Addiction
  4. Psychology, Emotions, Personality
  5. ReWriting Your Future
  6. Virtue & Spirituality
  7. New Nutrition
Mentoring a Generation

Mentoring a Generation

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