Mentoring a Generation

Mentoring a Generation
Connecting the Dots of Life

The Artful Use of Vast Information

We are starting a generation based on the artful use of vast information and the focused implementation of schooled abilities in order to build a healthy life.

PURPOSE: Mentoring for Mission

Mentoring a Generation’s Identity ~ MAGI.
Seven Building Blocks of a Healthy Life.
Connecting the Dots.

ReWriting Your Future.

COUPLES: Mentoring for Marriage

Designer Marriage: Deep Friendship & Romance.
Identity ~ Know Yourself Before You Start a Home and a Family.
ReBuilding Trust: How Couples Start Over.

FAMILY: Mentoring for Parenting

Stages of Brain Development.
Encounters with Futility.
Counterwill, Crisis and Commitment: Keeping Our Teens On Track.
Family Activities and Experiences.

HARDSHIPS: Mentoring for Healing

Knowing & Preventing OuchRage. Love, Lack, Lifestyle, Health & Healing.

Blind-Sided and Betrayed by Times and Traditions.
Understand the Wound, Deprivation or Addiction.
Connect, Grieve, Heal the Wounds.
Stop the Trauma Triggers and Find Your Way Back.

THE POWER OF NAMING: Mentoring Women for 20 Roles

The Ladder to Success is Not the Stairway to Heaven for Women.


These books and talks are my best response to the call to action which got my attention from the classic Harvard Stanford research white paper, Parenting Teens.

Know Yourself ~ Treasure Life ~ Love Others

The Masculine Feminine Principle: How Purpose and Mission Can Work

THE DIRECTION & THE DESTINATION: At last we have the research and the knowledge to indicate the direction and the destination. We are at that point where the conclusions of those on the quest are ready for implementation. Mentors are needed at the front in leadership rather than on the sidelines investigating the why’s and how’s. The information is ready to be communicated.

BRILLIANT INNOVATORS: The fundamental drive of love always fuels motivation. When we can locate and learn what is next and best, those responsible for the young forge ahead. Already, a portion of our population has located many of the brilliant innovators and has begun using that wisdom for young ones. We are starting a generation based on the artful use of vast information and the focused implementation of schooled abilities in order to build a healthy life.

MENTORING OUR YOUTH: The goal is to put our youth and citizens in a position where they can have the experiences necessary for them to grow most of their abilities into usefulness. There are seven innate or developmental human abilities. We already have expert knowledge about these abilities, when they are grown and how they are mastered. All seven can be set in place before a child finishes high school.


MOTIVATORS: Why and How Do I Want to Do it? What drives me? What are my methods and motivation? My Drivers, Motives, Motivators, Intentions, Goals, Strategies:

Sanctity of Life (harmlessness, Nature, Compassion, Kindness).
Bonds of Caring (family, intimacy, children, friends and community).
Purpose of Talents (abilities, learning, growth, value, competence).
Mission to Serve (meaningful works, quest, calling, contributions).
Strength to Overcome (solve puzzles, withstand ordeals, heal in hardship).

Today, 9/9/18, I begin sharing the articles, handouts and books which contribute to Mentoring a Generation.

Thank you for your interest! And, please, I thrive on comments and questions, contact me.

My sincere wishes, Heather

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