Intensive Journal Program

The Power of the Pen

The Power of the Pen

Dear Friends,

Write…if you do nothing else…above all, write.

The Ira Progoff Intensive Journal Method holds a reverent place in my dedication to self-mastery. Journaling has been the most powerful stabilizing and expanding ability in my lifespan. I began at 16 when I juggled the adolescent inner turmoil with my private steno pad. Over the years, when I was in agony or victimized, imprisoned or betrayed, I wrote like my own guardian angel to hold my own hand through the darkness. And, when I was inspired to tears in awe or was flooded with the passion of falling in love, then, too, I found the freedom to verbally dance and sing like a trumpeter on a mountaintop on the page.

This hangs in my home office: A French poster from 1981: PEN. Poetes, Essayistes, Nouvellistes

This hangs in my home office: A French poster from 1981: PEN. Poetes, Essayistes, Nouvellistes

We can morph our writing to fit the smallest of daily miffs or to-do’s on up to the screaming of pain at the loss of a loved one or the hallelujah’s of great achievements. In my experience and mentoring, journaling is THE  BEST, and most accessible tool. Pen on paper has worked for centuries from generals to grandmothers…from statesmen stymied by prison to women widowed by war…from longing love letters to scientific strategies.

Here is your opportunity. Please, please pass this on.

Wally Chappell introduced me to the Progoff Method in November of 2004 and it has been my structure ever since. I even went on an unforgettable six-day Progoff retreat on the coast of Oregon. So, if you can, don’t wait. This is an extremely rare and precious opportunity.

This is Jon Progoff’s email announcement:

I am pleased to say we have 3 sponsors of the Intensive Journal program in Texas for the first half of 2014.  We also have a 3-part series in Albuquerque.

Details about costs, hours, etc. follow at the end of this email.   I have also attached our program brochure in case you (or perhaps a friend) is new to our program.  see for more information about our program and a full schedule of workshops.

Ft Worth:  
 2-Part Series Begins on January 24-26

We have a new sponsor in Ft Worth:  First United Methodist Church of Fort Worth will be hosting a 2-part series (Life Context and Depth Contact workshops).  To review, each workshop is 12 hours in length spread 3 days.  We experience about half of the exercises in the first workshop and then cover the remaining half in the second module.  Each workshop is a very solid experience and will give you plenty of material to work with on your own after the workshop.  They must be taken in sequence.

The first workshop covers such core areas as personal relationships, career/interests, body and health and our life history from which we develop a perspective on the continuity and direction of our lives.  In the second module, we cover primarily dreams and imagery and meaning in life.


Life Context01/24:  (6:30-9:45 pm)
01/25:  (9 am-2 pm)
01/26:  (1-5 pm)
$ 145
Depth Contact02/28:  (6:30-9:45 pm)
03/01:  (9 am-2 pm)
03/02:  (1-5 pm)
$ 145
Both$ 280

# Includes tuition, Friday dinner, Saturday continental breakfast and lunch.   Local restaurants and lodging nearby.

LocationThe workshop will be held at First United Methodist Church Forth Worth which is in downtown Fort Worth at the intersection of 5th Street and Henderson.
LeaderWally Chappell, a retired pastor of First United Methodist Church in Dallas and a leader for 30 years, has served as a teacher, counselor and resource person in human and spiritual development.
RegistrationCall 817-336-7277 or write to Melinda Smoot, First United Methodist Church of Fort Worth, 800 West 5th Street, Fort Worth,  TX 76102.   Minimum non-refundable deposit:  $50.  For more information or to register securely on line, see    Credit cards accepted.


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