Relationship Cruises: Renew Yourself and Your Relationship

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My top recommendation for renewing yourself and your relationship is being pampered on a cruise so you can focus your attention on loving each other. And I travel with you because I want to ensure that your vacation includes my proven relationship mentoring which emphasizes friendship, funniness and festivity. Jack is joining us on this cruise so you’ll get a flavor of our relationship, too.


Heather carefully weaves her program and facilitation with couples into the cruise schedule. You want both the time to be intimate and private as well as to connect with new friends and enjoy the festivities. She ensures you have just the right focus on each other through her mentoring in the Relationship Cruise Seminars at Sea (if you choose, you can reserve private consultations with her by appointment) and then she leaves you to your choice of cruise activities, island excursions and private shipboard indulgences.


DESIGNER MARRIAGE/RELATIONSIHP COURSE: These are not dating cruises; they are for couples ready for a deeper connection as best friends and romantic lovers. In my Designer Marriage course I choose only the best and proven elements. On one of my couples cruises you get my personal mentoring. I want to ensure that every man and woman has the knowledge and ability to design a relationship which never withers.

A GIFT OF INTIMACY: If you have any questions, just give me a call or email me. I hope you can join us – I am convinced that this is the best gift you can give your Beloved and your relationship.