Courage Scrolls for the 113th Combat Stress Control Unit in Afghanistan

As  you requested, dear Capt. Schlaudecker, here is the art for printing the mini Courage Scrolls for the soldiers. I am honored that you are requesting more and would be so happy to provide anything else that you can use.

Right-Click HERE to download printable version

Warmest wishes always,


Small Courage Scrolls

Small Courage Scrolls


  1. I thank all the Soldiers of the 113th for their service to our Country, (Zeke included) and I thank Heather for her service to our Soldiers from the 113th and the families she supports… to include the families of the 352nd she worked with yesterday. I learned through her training exercise that I am a 7 !

    Respectfully, CSM Janell S . Word

    • Dear Janell,
      Thank you so much for your sincere words. I hope you had as much fun as I did in my workshop. If you are curious, I’d recommend that you do the long form of the Enneagram quiz online! There’s a link right down at the bottom of this page that says:
      “Take the Enneagram test:
      Enneagram Online”
      Let me know or forward your results to me. I’ll help you draw your own Mastery Map!
      All the best,

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