Yellow Ribbon Program for the Army to Help Marriages and Families

New Friends

The last three days I have been one of the Subject Matter Experts for the new Yellow Ribbon reintegration program for soldiers returning from theater and the Families of the Fallen including those murdered at Ft. Hood.
Partly, I’m inspired to give my best; partly I am drained by the intensity.

Its been wonderful connecting with both my colleagues on the staff and the soldiers assigned to helping us.

I created a Power Point on Purpose and Mission and Enneatype Personalities.

The Nine Enneatypes

The Nine Enneatypes

I only wish I could do more.

UPDATE: It’s a couple of years later and I’ve done my Enneagram presentation fifteen times in cities all over the nation. I’m so grateful to share my best tool with soldiers, spouses and family members as the soldiers are headed home from the East. We have so much fun with my husband’s hilarious Enneagram Song.

It is my wish that this introduction to personality strengthens individuals, marriages and parenting.

Teaching Enneagram Types for the Army Yellow Ribbon Conferences

Teaching Enneagram Types for the Army Yellow Ribbon Conferences

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