A first…Ft. Lewis for the Army

My thanks to Col. Rabb of the 113th CSC Combat Stress Control Unit for flying me to Seattle to train his soldiers this week. They head to Afghanistan before the end of the month.

I was driven and tended to by Capt. Wilson everywhere I needed to go – a real live officer and gentleman.

I worked with them in the woods where they were training. They asked questions. They laughed at my antics. I experienced their determination, devotion, weariness and humanity. From all walks of life they are gathered to tend to the soldiers in theater. I humbly wish I could do more for them and the other soldiers like them.

They hosted me in a quiet log cabin on a lake for a few days of rest. The magnificence of the forests in Washington State tower everywhere. I’m going home tomorrow. I have some ideas on how to stay connected online. But, even here, I’m at the Base Starbucks using the WiFi.

God Bless our soldiers and their work. And God Bless America.

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