My Most Requested Help as a Marriage Counselor

EnneaGraphicTitle Most couples come for marriage counseling and they tell me that they have communication problems.

I ask each of them: “If we can solve the conflict, do you want to be married to this person?” When each of them say’s “Yes,” my reply is: “Then we can handle this easily.” But, if all it took to communicate effectively is intelligence and desire, they wouldn’t need my help. So, we begin a journey of discovery. I need to understand what’s missing. Sometimes I tell people that I am like a detective working to discover and put together the clues.

There are many sources of fighting or for miscommunication. Here is my first source of information:

Test page at The Enneagram Institute

Test page at The Enneagram Institute

The Enneagram. So often the most-telling clues lie within our personalities and the Enneagram show me so many levels. As I will tell you, even the first time you call me: “My best tool is the Enneagram.” And, you can find your Type immediately by going to the instrument I request for the first session with me. It’s the RHETI: the Riso Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator. You can take the quiz now online for only $10. It will take you about 45 minutes and you will have opened the doorway to deep self knowledge and clues for your spouse or partner on how you communicate best.

Here is my guidance on a direct link to the test page.

And, when you receive the email with your nine numbers, you can share them with me and I will help you interpret your Enneagram and create the Composite Couples Enneagram for you. My consultations are 1 1/2 hours for $170. Just call or text me at 214-636-5889 or email me at If you would like my guidance and you aren’t local, I am available for Skype, Google Hangouts and FaceTime, too.

Composite Couple's Enneagram

Composite Couple’s Enneagram




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