Nurturing Our Humanity

Riane Eisler and Douglas Fry have provided us with a description of the world cultures built on goodness rather than conflict in their book, “Nurturing Our Humanity: How Domination and Partnership Shape Our Brains, Lives and Future.”

I received my pre-publishing order in September and it ‘follows me around the house.’ This is my favorite type of non-fiction. It’s highly researched by two fine minds and offers, not only the knowledge and information, but, the practical methods and changes which each of us may choose to contribute.

Their Four Cornerstones are profound and powerful:

1) Children

2) Gender Equity

3) A Caring Economy

4) New Narratives and New Language.

I hear the call for these and my passion is mirrored. I regularly invent new, inspiring and kind stories as I mentor, counsel and teach. Which part are you expanding?

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