Gift Getaway Retreats

Experience the 21 Roles which Reveal the Depths of Femininity 

Looking back, the puzzle pieces started appearing for me very young.

Starting in my teens, I was sensitive to anything I could learn about being a good woman. I remember Mom teaching me the way to iron your husband’s shirts. I was very interested and was always picking up the clues. But, it was so many years and relationships before the clues begin to complete the puzzle of womanhood for me.

In my forties, I knew that my purpose and mission were helping people as a therapist and a teacher. I consistently made sure to see men and women as equals and to be responsible for mentoring good marriages. Then, in 2012, I allowed myself to focus on the feminine. At last, I started synthesizing my works into a retreat to care for women. My lifelong hobby of gift giving turned into a method for making learning experiences delightful and unforgettable. I could create fun discoveries which immediately inspire women’s access to their internal gifts and depths.

So much that holds women back has to do with expectations we teach about men and women in our heritage of beliefs. The obvious hardships about knowing gender equality pour through the lens of religion, patriarchy, misogyny and prejudice. Our cultures are now negative to the point of being largely conflictual, harmful and insulting. Suspicion and defense color the ethos of our times. Yes, our older generation is right. Our communities and families aren’t as safe nor as generous as they once were. We have lost so much trust, warmth and courtesy in general. I am determined to maintain kindness and care in my islands of influence. My intention is to awaken the lost art of femininity.

The Gift Getaways are beautiful. They are substantial, meaningful, playful and friendly. For the first time, I am making these five Gift Getaways available to the public. Stay tuned for the schedule!

Happy New Year from Heather.

UPDATE: The Gift Getaway website is live!

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  1. Dear Heather,
    I watched your session on emeshment and it really helped me to get some insight as to my current situation with my daughter and I, I So needed to hear your perspective on this
    Dynamic I think you used the term “ complicated bereavement “, This maybe what the
    Current sistuation is and why we are in fear of letting go of the warm and secure life we have shared together, She must make a life for herself and I must as well, I never had parents
    Whom taught me how to develop through the nesseary stages in becoming a solid, confident
    And valued human being, being the last of five children to two parents that where foreigners
    Was less than ideal,…..Thank you I would Love to learn and apply this knowledge.

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