Couple’s Communication Class

Join Me…

My Couple’s Communication Classes

Four Thursday Evenings –

Call for start of the next class: 214-636-5889.
6:30 p.m. ’til 8:00

$497 $297 per Couple for All Four Thursdays.

801 E. Campbell Rd., Suite #152 (Campbell Road at Greenville)
Richardson, TX 75081

Do you…
• Want to ensure or work on your relationship but don’t know how to do it?
• Find yourselves arguing or fighting too much with no resolution?
• Want to preserve and enrich your intimacy?
• Just want to improve so you keep the happiness?
Then take advantage of my upcoming FUN and FASCINATING class.

No-Risk 100% Refund Guarantee.
Simply call Heather directly at 214-636-5889
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to reserve your place right now!

Limited enrollment…

Each Experiential and Information-Packed 90-Minute Session
• Reveals Your Relationship’s Special Love Languages,
• Unique Communication Styles and the 15 Parts of Marriages.
• You will find the best ways for you to work through your differences.

* LEARN new ways to interact and solve problems while really enjoying each other.
* PRACTICE the art of letting everything you say to your partner carry with it a constant undertone of kindness and appreciation.
* BENEFIT from the experience of being with other like-minded couples in this fascinating and informative group program led Marriage Counselor and Relationship Expert, Heather Carlile.

First, learn the biggest,
“I Love You!”
•More Priceless than Platinum
•More Daring than Diamonds
•More Caring than Kisses…

No-Risk 100% Refund Guarantee.
Simply call Heather directly at 214-636-5889
or email her at
to reserve your place right now!

Heather Carlile began teaching classes and facilitating seminars on various topics for individuals and corporations starting in 1993. After over 30 years of her personal quest for psychological and spiritual growth via her own identity, purpose and mission, she entered the profession with a master’s degree in applied psychology. She continues to conceptualize and write models and study guides for her clients and students.

Heather Carlile, whose private practice is in Richardson, Texas, specializes in depth psychology and marriage counseling. Her unique transpersonal philosophy, which she uses to relieve anxiety, depression, confusion, guilt, anger and grief, integrates archetypes and spirituality with classical psychological techniques. Her work includes seminars on stopping self-sabotage, virtuous character, parenting, personality (through the Enneagram), and grieving. Heather is also a professional speaker and corporate trainer with a special focus on empowerment, communication, emotional intelligence, stress management and change management. She is the author of several study guides and the book, Designer Marriage. She created and co-facilitates Designer Marriage with her husband, Dr. Jack Waldenmaier in classes and on the radio.

A Canadian from Northern Saskatchewan, Heather’s passions include her husband, composer, Jack Waldenmaier, dinner parties, painting, jazz, opera, Argentine Tango and volleying philosophical musings with other cultural creatives.

Heather’s Students say:

There are no accidents, you know that. There are hundreds of therapists in Dallas and I found you. You saved my marriage. I am so grateful for your wisdom and kindness. You will always have a special place in my heart.
My sincerest thanks.


Kate and I were blown away by your extreme insight into us as both a married couple and as individuals. Heather, for me personally as a man, I cannot even begin to tell you the joy I felt in my heart to have you affirm, and communicate to Kate, in a way that I never could, what men truly need and want from a woman. Furthermore, you also provided me with better insight and understanding of  her  complexities and what she needs from me both as a man and a husband.

No-Risk 100% Refund Guarantee.
Simply call Heather directly at 214-636-5889
or email her at
to reserve your place right now!