Mentoring a Generation

We are starting a generation based on the artful use of vast information and the focused implementation of schooled abilities in order to build healthy lives.

DIRECTION AND DESTINATION: Thanks to the synthesis and culmination of advancements through the previous generations, we have the research and the knowledge to indicate the human direction and destination. We are at that point where the conclusions of those on the quest are ready for implementation. Mentors are needed at the front in leadership rather than on the sidelines investigating the why’s and how’s. My years of working with clients and colleagues, researching, studying and curating tell me that the information is ready to be communicated to more people. In so many spheres, we now know why and how we get positive or negative results with individuals, relationships and communities and…we know what to do for improvements.

THE MAPS ARE DONE: We already know the direction of the journey and how to get there. The teachers need to receive the tools discovered and created by the seekers. Our goal, now, is to work our way into visibility to offer the new maps to the general population. This sort of pioneering is foreign to so many of us who have been in the mode of seeking and articulating the answers.

SETTLERS INSTEAD OF EXPLORERS: It’s as if we need to hand the maps to the elders in the settlements rather than to the explorers in their caravans. We now need to present the plans and action steps to those who build homes and communities.

WIELDING TECHNOLOGY: We know how to master ourselves, find meaning and build relationships. A few are schooled into wielding technology and information for health and competence but a decent life escapes so many. Images and reports of diseased or handicapped cultures have become so pervasive that we are anesthetized by our avoidance of or by our sensitivities to lost families, unresolved grief, stunted communication, disrespectful violations, antiquated education and non-existent communities. Many of our people and our relationships don’t reflect the marvels of our instruments. It’s as if alot of the world wide web is being administered by children in middle school. We can learn from the experts and ensure that screen time enriches and expands our abilities and relationships.

BRILLIANT INNOVATORS: When we can locate and learn what is next and best, those responsible for the young forge ahead. Already, a portion of our population has located the brilliant innovators and has begun using that wisdom for young ones. We are starting a generation based on the artful use of vast information and the focused implementation of schooled abilities in order to build a healthy life.

INNATE ABILITIES: The goal is to put our citizens in a position where they can have the experiences necessary for them to grow most of their abilities into usefulness. There are seven innate or developmental human abilities. We already have expert knowledge about these abilities, when they are grown and how they are mastered. All seven can be set in place before a child finishes high school.

The Seven Human Abilities — Developed in Identity

The Seven Human Abilities

The Seven Human Abilities

  1. Navigate the Physical World: Ensure Health and Security
  2. Keep Your Connections: Preserve and Build Relationships
  3. Be Excited About Who You Can Be and What You Can Do: Develop a Positive Sense of Self
  4. Cultivate Compassion and Kindheartedness: Emotional Intelligence
  5. Empower Your Inner Executive: Use Mental Functions with Intention and Willpower
  6. Be a Lifelong Learner: Gain Self-Awareness and Knowledge
  7. Get the Thrill of Giving and Receiving: Character and Virtue


EDUCATE: The next quest is on how to educate and how to replace the outmoded methods. So far, the energy of entrepreneurs has focused on material success. And, now, we have gathered the information on how to use those visionary internal and social inventions for creating an energetic and creative population. Next, if we focus our innovators on providing access to that knowledge, the cultural norms will inform and inspire willingness, meaning and community.

INNOVATE: Already, a portion of our population has located the brilliant innovators and has begun using that wisdom for young ones. The fundamental drive of love always fuels motivation. Parents access bravery which moves them beyond the norm into hunting for better and bringing it to their children. When they can locate and learn what is next and best, those responsible for the young forge ahead. We are ready to curate the information to benefit our children, parents and families and point to the best. When the evidence is made visible enough, it will inspire a snowball effect.

A FORCE FOR GOOD: In July, the Dalai Lama turned 80. Daniel Goleman wrote, “A Force for Good” in honor of him this year. Here is a quote: “He redirects our focus from how bad things are to how our world could be better. He looks beyond just what’s urgent now, for ourselves, and calls for action that will matter for all, including generations far ahead.” And, in his Forward, the Dalai Lama wrote: “While reading this book, please keep in mind that as human beings, equipped with marvelous intelligence and the potential for developing a warm heart, each and every one of us can become a force for good.”

We are starting a generation based on the artful use of vast information and personal abilities in a healthy life.


Here is mine:

My Purpose is that I am a healthy and happy woman and that I co-create a loving marriage with my husband, Jack.

My Mission is to awaken the basic tenets of wisdom that energize human nature.

-Heather Carlile 2015

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