International Women’s Day

"The Dinner Party" by Judy Chicago

“The Dinner Party” by Judy Chicago

Judy Chicago was 75 last year. Her historical work, The Dinner Party, has inspired my reverence and my devotion to equality for men and women for over 20 years.
This year I took action. I researched more and now I have something forming in my goals about facilitating a women’s group aided by this monumental sculpture which is an embodiment of wisdom. Here is the description from the book jacket: “The Dinner Party is a symbolic history of women’s achievements and struggles told through 39 china painted plates and elaborately embroidered runners which cover a triangular table.” The table rests on tiles which have the names of 999 women written on them. 39 women have place settings at the table.
The closing poem made me weep today. It echoes my dedication to finding ways for men and women to love each other and create happy relationships and marriages. Then, together, we can tend to the young ones and the older ones and our community.

And then all that has divided us will merge
And then compassion will come to a world that is harsh and unkind
And then both women and men will be gentle
And then both women and men will be strong
And then no person will be subject to another’s will
And then all will be rich and free and varied
And then the greed of some will give way to the needs of many
And then all will share equally in the Earth’s abundance
And then all will care for the sick and the weak and the old
And then all will nourish the young
And then all will cherish life’s creatures
And then all will live in harmony with each other and the Earth
And then everywhere will be called Eden once again

In sincerity I share these sentiments from Judy Chicago in honor of her profound contribution to goodness and in honor of International Women’s Day.

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