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GoalSetting Picturing Your Purpose:

The Future is Now!

The Art of Advanced Goal-Setting

Decide what you want.
Take the first and proven step to the quality of life you desire.
Set the goals to create the life of your dreams!

(If you don’t, someone else’s goals will determine who you become and what your life looks like.)

Goal-Setting Gives You Personal Control: Choosing and visualizing what you want allows you to
plan and take action for positive change.  It also helps reprogram your subconscious mind with
the same theory used by professional athletes.

LIFE MASTERY: Picturing Your Purpose teaches the master skill of patterning and planning your life
using your intellect as well as your creative, intuitive brain.

Applicable to Future Goals: When you strategize one goal, you have a pattern to use in achieving any other goals you may desire through your future years.  Once you understand and use, Picturing Your Purpose, you will be in charge of mapping your destination and achieving any of your dreams!

We feel discouraged when we fall short of our dreams. We know goal-setting works and many of us have used the tools to write our goals. However, many of us don’t achieve the goals and begin to doubt ourselves. Achievement may be sabotaged by not knowing how to move beyond obstacles or self-sabotage and into action. We can learn not only how to implement our intellect, but our subconscious mind and intuitive, creative brain power.

Take charge of your life. You can do what you will with it.  -Plato

Table of Contents

I. Your Goals Must Be Supported by Your Passion
A. What is Your Burning Desire?
B. The Inspiration of Joy and Enthusiasm
II. Your Goals Must Be Supported By Your Values
A. Governing Values
B. Acting in Accord with My Values
III. The Guiding Light of Purpose and Mission
A. Identifying Your Purpose
B. Learning through Adversity
C. Stating Your Mission
IV. Exposing and Extinguishing Your Obstacles
A. Beliefs and Fears that Limit
B. List of Inspiring and Affirming Beliefs
C. Learning from Self-Sabotage
D. Extinguishing Obstacles
V. Advanced Goal-Setting
A. The Seven Steps of Goal-Setting Strategies
B. My Seven Steps to Setting Goals
C. My Action Steps
VI. Persistence Motivators
A. Courage and Determination
B. People and Organizations
C. Commitment to Action
VII. Picturing Your Purpose
A. Visualization and Treasure Mapping
B. Write A Story to Illustrate Your Heart’s Desire
C. Record Your Story on a CD or mp3 file
VIII. Formula for Achieving My Goals

Mind is the Master-power that molds and makes, and Man is Mind, and evermore he takes the tool of thought, and, shaping what he wills, brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills: he thinks in secret, and it comes to pass: environment is but his looking-glass.
-James Allen