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Integrating Personality with Purpose

Living to your potential
with Heather Carlile, M.A., L.P.C.

>> Are you ready for a RESET? a new job, a new relationship, a new lifestyle, new friends, new skills, new you?
>> Is your quality of life BLOCKED? or sabotaged by bad habits, old beliefs, the past, inner confusion, worries, guilt, fears, your circumstances or by others?
>> Are you ready for MORE? to see through the fog of the old ways to clarity about your potential and your dreams?
>> Do you want to IMPROVE yourself, your relationships and your life?

If so, I invite you… Come with me to ReWrite Your Future!

ReWriting Your Future is Heather’s comprehensive program for lifetime redesign through mentoring, self-discovery, class interaction, goal-setting, script-writing and visualization.

You can use Heather’s on-going development of a comprehensive synthesis of the newest and best avenues to your personal potential and happiness through four objectives:

1) Deep Self-knowledge

2) Mental Agility

3) LifeStyle Design

4) Personal Power

1. Deep Self-Knowledge and Completing the Past: We begin by finalizing your childhood. You draw the Genogram family tree to separate yourself from your history. Heather is an expert with personality styles using the Enneagram. You will plumb the depths of your personality and skills. Identifying the various roles you play through Heather’s Power of Naming, works quickly and gives you access to exciting new dimensions about yourself. You gain new levels of confidence, self-esteem and purpose.

2. Mental Agility and Priorities: Courage and strength through learning to honor yourself. You build a plan to include your passions and your core values. You measure your emotional intelligence and your lifestyle needs. You learn how to create intimacy that suits your relationship style. You examine which beliefs serve your values and which are false so you can stay true to your priorities.

3. LifeStyle Re-Design for Purpose and Mission: The ReWriting Your Future seminar experience focuses you on discovering your purpose in life, evaluating your top priorities and pin-pointing your sense of calling. You get specific about surmounting your habits, obstacles and self-sabotage. You learn how to engage your self-motivation to ensure action for reaching your goals. You create an inspiring new vision for your achievements and making a difference.

4. Personal Power – Becoming a Champion and Planning Goals for Your Future: Heather guides you in writing a visualization script that specifically describes the new design for your life. Before drawing up your strategic plan, you decide how you will stay on track and keep committed through ensuring you get positive support and self-regulation. Once your vision is defined, you know which practical action steps to write for achieving your goals and you’re ready to go!

The ReWriting Your Future experience focuses you on discovering your purpose in life, staying true to your value system, mapping out a future plan and creating a new direction for your life through releasing the past, learning personality style, changing false beliefs, visualizing a dream, writing a mission script and seeing you right through your launch phase.

As a student of ReWriting Your Future, you receive specific information through the extensive Study Guide which you can immediately utilize to change the course of your life.

“Research shows that people who have more control over their lives are healthier, happier, and more productive.”

Past graduates report:

I’ve learned that if I “show up” every day, good things happen personally and professionally to me. I am now able to get up everyday and be productive and get out of the house. I am reaching out to people more now. I liked Heather’s enthusiasm, commitment, knowledge and perceptive ability. ReWriting Your Future is different because it’s not “therapy” nor is it “group therapy” but an intimate setting made up of a small group of people examining their lives (past and present) and finding ways to better one’s life and its issues. -Carrie Foster, Registered Nurse

ReWriting Your Future is new and different because: it allowed me to look into my past and accept and be at peace with it, re-evaluate my present and change the way I perceive and react to different situations, and above all, it provided me with a plan and mission/goals for my future! -Cathy Cox, Physical Therapist

Through ReWriting Your Future I have changed the belief of having no power over my life and that the world is dangerous and now I am better able to take risks. I am better able to recognize a situation that APPEARS to be “Too dangerous” and walk through them with wisdom and confidence. I am able to accomplish, manage and experience more.
I loved ReWriting Your Future for many reasons. The friendships created, the belonging experienced, the sharing that made you feel not alone, the hope in changing and overcoming. I loved it because it made me think, work and grow. I loved learning and being mentored by wisdom, safety and love from my teacher. I loved and looked forward to it every week and those I shared it with became my family. I will never forget
. -Linda Willer, Interior Designer

I liked Heather’s love of helping others and her passion for continually believing in everyone. She is able to see beyond our shadow material into our light. ReWriting Your Future is different because we kept focusing on the present and actively preparing for the ‘very-close’ future. We did not dwell on past issues, but learned to transform our shadow and self-sabotage behaviors into pro-active empowering choices. I liked the consistency of everyone committing to the group – our healing or ability to help one another was vital to this. -Deborah Howell, Illustrator and Artist

I learned that changing my life isn’t impossible and I can do it Heather is nonjudgmental and allows you to feel safe. She obviously loves her work and is very devoted. ReWriting Your Future is different because it uses a group environment; it is helpful to see others in different circumstances wanting to change their lives. I liked making lifelong friends and becoming a better person and seeing my life take a wonderful new direction. -Alace Snyder, Linguist

This process (ReWriting Your Future) put wind in my sails and moved me from the harbor of my indecision into the vast ocean of all that is possible. In the harbor I had drifted near the rocks and was in jeopardy of having a less than fulfilling human experience. Now that I had found the compass I knew I would never again be lost. –E. Bruce Bushong, Attorney

I learned about my ability to persevere. I am now able to keep going even when discouraged. My goals are closer, seem more attainable. Heather is non-judgmental. She has complete mastery of a plethora of subjects. ReWriting Your Future is different because it is more than a procedure in a book. It is a safe haven in which to explore the past, present and future. It is also a life bonding experience. I like best the support, structure and motivation of the group. She (Heather) alternately confronted, encouraged, prodded, instructed, illuminated, but through it all lovingly reflected all she was teaching me about myself and how I see the world. She helped me to get my self back. -Rachel Kosmitis, Writer

“The exercises were profoundly healing and insightful.…ReWriting Your Future is a wonderful journey into self; insightful, powerful, life-changing.”

“Powerful material and dynamic facilitator!”

· Addresses personal needs and differences
· Closely examines values and beliefs
· Clarifies personal mission or focus
· Defines passion and purpose
· Identifies obstacles to success
· Provides direction for living your dreams
· Helps match traits and interests with goals
· Teaches internal motivation/inspiration

ReWriting Your Future

Integrating Personality with Purpose

Living to your potential with Heather Carlile, MA, LPC

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“This program is excellent. It is different because it deals specifically with two primary issues–who I am and what is the meaning and purpose of my existence. It made me stop and think…the rest of my life has more value than I thought.”