ReWriting Your Future

2023-2024 Signals my return to offering ReWriting Your Future.

ReWriting Your Future, was my ultimate comprehensive work and Jack gave me his unreserved support in all ways:

He wrote NINE brilliant original songs for me! He hired a professional videographer (Greg Bader), he brought in the best sound engineer (Danny Jacobs) in DFW, set me up with three microphones and brought in the best studio singer (Debra Lee) and the hottest jazz combo (Brian Piper, Lee Tomboulian, Jason Bucklin, John Adams, Gail Hess, Mike Drake) in DFW.

It was AN EVENT!

It was utterly fabulous, as the participants’ descriptions confirm.

BUT, I FAILED. And, for a system of my personal wounds, I failed. I sabotaged the wonder of this event. I wasn’t ready for all that Jack provided. I wasn’t equal to his vision for me and my work.

We hosted about eighty people that first night! OMG, what a thrill!

I was on fire! I was wearing a new expensive suit. The music was brilliant (I knew and loved each of Jack’s premiere musicians) and it had a groove! Jack set me up as if I were on a Hollywood Production Sound Stage.

But, I ‘lost it.’  That first night, I was spooked. I wasn’t prepared for The Big Time. I didn’t stick to my message, I wasn’t rehearsed, I got caught in a circular and semi-righteous subject which went nowhere and became vacuous…my part was a DOWNER.

The second week, due to my incompetence, only 20 returned.

I was horrified. Humiliated. (The humiliation and shame shut me down and haunted me for 20 years.)

But, each of the next seven weeks, I gave my best. ReWriting Your Future was wonderful, I’d been proving that to myself for years. I facilitated my program. The music was stellar, my team and my students were wonderful! And…I made magic!

When the eight week course was complete, I collapsed and just could not continue. It was humiliating and it was tragic. I couldn’t even look at the photos of that incredible creation. I had failed Jack and his belief in me. I had failed my volunteer team. I had failed myself. And, it was so significant that I couldn’t bounce back.

This tragedy is second only to losing Jack when he died in 2020.

He died. His music remains. His love for me remains. His belief in my gifts remains.

Only now, when Jack is gone, am I able to revisit my ‘magnum opus’ and begin to expand this beautiful and transformational experience for my work now.

Twenty years later, I am eager to take my new groups on this journey of transformation in 2024!