The Woman in the Mirror

I can sincerely see how I have done my very best to be positive, caring
and loving as a woman.
I see a sister, friend, bride and mother
in my thoughts, words, work and creativity.
I am a Bearer of Love.

“A woman is the mirror image of the unseen positive energy of the cosmos.” – Starbird

LOOKING INTO THE MIRROR: The mirror catches your true spirit and shows the feminine energy you bring to the world. Notice how you understand the changes and see the signs of the happy times and the difficult times, too, written on your face. Look at how your face reflects reality…your female identity, your sensitivity to people and to life.

KIND AND CARING: We know that it is time for us all to be compassionate, kind and intelligent. The more we can be gently real with ourselves, the more love pours through us, through our body, our face, our words and our creations. We see how The Woman in the Mirror feels, gives and expresses love. We influence others…our children, our men, our friends and our neighbors…to relax into the great universal craving: to love and be loved.

MY TRUE SELF: I look at The Woman in the Mirror with wisdom and I see the truth of my imperfect humanity, my natural femininity, my real self…just my true self. I preserve beauty, order and truth. I create peace and sunshine. I am audacious, fun and sassy. I am strong, fierce and heroic.
I have a caring mission to serve. I have a calling to create. I live joyfully and with great gratitude.

Naming Your Face in the Mirror: