The Visionary

The Woman Who Lights the Way
with the Images of Her Intuitive Sight.

Even in the dark, when we don’t know where we’re going, there is always a sign,
a lighthouse in troubled waters, a sentry on watch in the tower,
a candle in the window at home or a felt sense about what may be unwise
versus what goodness is in store for our future.
Our Visionary has the surety about the direction for the next steps.

THE FEMININE INNER VOICE: What we see can be visionary and not dependent on our eyes. We sense when our loved-ones need protection. We feel the direction of calling and see the light. We hear the intuitive inner voice of the feminine knowing.

OUR HOME: We know where we belong. We know the direction to our country, our home and our domaine. This way of looking at life means internal growth and growth in competencies. When you trust your Visionary, is the outcome confirmation?

NAME: Name the Visionary in you.

CLUES: If you have a negative thought, can you trace the the sources from the past and find the clues of understanding about how and when you learned the belief that you don’t or can’t or shouldn’t have visionary sight or wisdom?

EXAMPLE: I have a sense of knowing about when my child needs to stay home from school. I have an intuitive feeling about those who I want to hire on my team at work. I have the vision to see a negative or a positive coach for me or my children, etc.

Naming Your Visionary: