Gift Getaway Testimonials

The “Gift Getaway” is really about bringing out our divine purpose for sharing our gifts with the world (the actual gifts we receive in the getaway are symbols for the internal gifts).

I heard your message. It just made my day…it really did! I feel such a very comfortable space and an instant connection with you. Almost like I’ve known you. So, it’s just really cool and I really feel honored and blessed to be a part of this group. I’m really excited about it.

The overriding purpose of the work is to discover, claim and develop our gifts in a nurturing environment which helps us to grow and to produce fruit. Seeds grow toward light, as we light up, fully showing up with our gifts and talents, we give others permission to do the same. We need to help others hold healthy, nurturing space for one another. We cannot grow in a vacuum, we need others to help provide the water and light, and we need to be planted in the right environment in order to produce fruit

To have a circle of Well Women sincerely validate the names that I gave myself is so beneficial. It’s giving me the affirmation I need to stand on my own ground and be a voice for others.
We have to know who/what we are in order to serve the world. I feel more sure of myself by standing in a circle of women who SEE me as I am. Thank you.

I’m going to toss spending too much time alone. Give away my old clothes. I’m going to keep my creativity and own it.
The role-playing is phenomenal: The Little Protector. The development of the crest is rich.

Yes!!! I have been thinking about this A LOT…the power of others really seeing me and reflecting back my light. It is hard to deny when you keep getting the same message over and over again as you show up and let your light shine!

I see you, you are shining, you are powerful, you have tremendous healing love in your heart to share with the world.

Again, I’m just, I’m so blessed and honored to be a part of this group and feel like something really special that’s happening.

I wasn’t expecting to go that deep. I’m learning how to be a woman. I was trying to see where the hurt comes from. Avoid conflict and pain. Now I see it is priceless. Money cannot buy what I received today. I am the one to be grateful…The Gift is a treasure. I brought home precious jewels for my soul. Blessing to you.

I really enjoyed the entire training. All the material was so beautifully laid out and created! The content is so rich with information. I will need to go back through all the binders to review and pull out the major takeaways I personally experienced in each module (because there are many). I am so thankful that I have this deep well to draw from personally and to share with my clients and interns to aid them in their work.

Thank you, Heather, for taking all of the ideas I have been passionate about and creating this curriculum and training us while modeling all of the virtues and mentoring us…that is a huge accomplishment!

I just want to start by saying that this entire experience has transformed my lifelong distrust of women. It has healed a deep wound that I have carried and has sparked a new passion within me to help women and to allow them to help me. This is a huge shift for me, the relationships formed in this safe place of growth has changed my life and I will be forever grateful! Thank you, Heather, for sharing your life’s work and trusting us to take it to the world, creating and holding the healing space for us and facilitating nurturing relationships through tending and befriending! You brought the water to my parched soul!

I think that there is a huge need for this whole program in our world! I envision there being a website for “Well Women” with all of the programs you have developed.

Your energy and enthusiasm are contagious! I am very impressed with your breadth of creativity and talent. I am in awe of your courage in sharing what was obviously a very personal and painful period in your life.
Thank you!

You have made and continue to make such a powerful, loving, empowering impact on me. I could never thank you enough for the way you’ve touched my life and heart other than to live and share the values, virtues, spiritual truths and love you have taught me.

“From Lost to On Purpose:” My biggest takeaway was the Vision Quest and the Entelechy, it has given a name to the experience I have been having over the last several years. Listening to the signs and trusting that there is purpose and that I am not crazy when I see all of the synchronicities that have come together to bring me to exactly where I am. It is clear to me that developing my gifts is more about being of service to others than it is about me, and, ultimately, it is what the world needs…more of us growing, going to the well and delivering water to the thirsty people.

I would love it if we could spread this deeply meaningful work you have created and remind women that we need one another!

Dear Heather:
Thank you for sharing yourself with us. You are so warm, genuine and wise. I loved hearing about your life journey and would love to hear more!

Thanks for sharing yourself with us tonight. You are a light in this crazy world of ours.

The depth of your emotions — controlled — is very powerful. You are a very open, giving, caring woman. The world needs more women like you.

You are so precious and full of life and creativity. Those that haven’t seen your art work are missing out!!

You make me smile! You encourage me to live UP! To live all of me.

You are so classy.

It is very kind of you to share such intimate areas of your life. I know that you touched many with your words. congrats!

I am amazed –such creativity, depth and joy!! I feel safe exploring the dark side when you are there — and I’m validated when you address that part of life — thanks for being you.

I had the pleasure of experiencing Heather lead ReWriting Your Future in a small group over the course of a year. She is an excellent facilitator and a therapist of tremendous skill. She has keen intuitive knowing combined with intellectual knowing which makes for a dynamic combination.

I had been very successful career-wise, but wanted to find the right relationship, get married, and, eventually, have children. By taking Heather’s course, I was able to visualize and hold in my heart the kind of partner that I wanted, and to pursue my dream of living abroad. Seven years after taking her course, I am happily married, living in Germany and have two beautiful, gorgeous children. I truly believe her guidance, wisdom and heartfelt courses inspired me to hold a Sacred Space to receive my lovely family.

I am so grateful to see the mind boggling progress you have made with both of your deeply inspiring projects (Gift Getaways and OuchRage). Seeing you see your gifts acquire tangible “gift” form is so moving. Thank you!!

I can only express the image of what the Gift Getaway’s teaching and befriending with our well women though my experience in nature. I was walking near a creek and I gazed upon an egret standing in the water, very still and stealthy, waiting for fish. I saw its reflection in the water and a shape of a heart appeared. This imagery expresses how I feel so connected with love to these amazing well women and how they mirror love to me. These connections are now woven into every part of my life. They bring a deep spiritual bond that I have not experienced with any others.