About the Gift Getaway

Welcome to the Gift Getaway

by Heather Carlile, MA, LPC-S

A Journey Guided by Gifts
An Experience for Women

Exploration ~ Discovery ~ Expansion

Know Yourself
Treasure Life
Love Others

KNOW YOURSELF: The Gift Getaways are designed to inspire, motivate, restore and refocus women through meaning, personalization and fun.

TREASURE LIFE: We are ready to make friends with ourselves in a world newly-open to the female. We embrace our lives and sculpt the time for our own design.

LOVE OTHERS: We naturally build an extraordinarily caring and encouraging feminine tribe in the Gift Getaway. Friendships deepen, begin and quicken.

POTENTIAL: The Gift Getaway invites and shows you how to access more of your identity and your potential. It is natural to discover new dimensions through adventures and relationships. If you have participated in seminars, classes and mentoring, you probably place a high value on taking that sort of time and experience for yourself. And, those we hold close often inspire or mirror our identity–starting with our mothers. Over the passage of life, those times of new discoveries are very attractive if positive, if difficult, most of us don’t have the understanding to find the gifts in the darkness. Yet, the ordeals, in the end, often become the most treasured gifts.
GIFT FOR YOURSELF: Heather Carlile knows that the ultimate gift is being given another part of yourself. That kind of adventure often requires time and mentoring. Women seldom stop, take time and find the inspiration to do this for themselves outside of a classroom, workshop or vision quest of some sort. You are responsible and may think, from the traditional pioneering directives, that getting partnership or mentoring shows weakness. One of the Tenets of Truth is that we thrive through bonds, relationships and community. Few will debate that we are ultimately here “to love and be loved.”
TREASURE LIFE: The Gift Getaway invites you, with its time and attention, to be generous, to be kind, to be deep and to be curious. When you attend experiences such as these, you are reaching for more. There is always more within that is interesting. Our intention is to go into the depths of the self and find pearls of wisdom which aren’t typically visible from the surface of our lives.
LOVE OTHERS: When you gather in a sincere group, you tend to go farther. The presence of others, especially with women, provides the enrichment we have learned through new studies: ‘tend and befriend’ inspiration. You learn more as you hear others’ questions and offer her support. You thrive with companionship, you relax with empathy and thrill to another’s discoveries and excitement. You’re inspired.
THE GIFT GETAWAYS: The Gift Getaways for Well Women are Heather’s comprehensive lessons which facilitate a woman’s empowerment whether on her own or in a group. This course invites you to befriend twenty of the women you carry inside yourself. They are all you and each validates one of your systems of talents.

The Gift Getaway teaches women to name and locate twenty classic roles in themselves.

20 CLASSIC ROLES: The Gift Getaway teaches women to name and locate twenty classic roles in herself. Each of us may have a different quantity of roles. So, I have named the generics of twenty ways a woman develops over the lifespan. Depending on age, culture, circumstance, each role may or may not be developed in her own style.

~ ~ ~

Women today are ready for more…more meaning.

  • We don’t need ordeals for self-discovery. We respond to the truths of goodness. We keep our hearts kind.
  • We stand tall and fierce as a heroine.
  • We shine with joy in the role of the artist.
  • We have an inspired calling.
  • We are the bearers of life-giving waters brought from the depths of our inner well. We bring love to ourselves and our people.
  • We find bonds with the Infinite when caring for others.
  • We design and preserve our personal and international homes.
  • We offer places for laughter, talk, food and fellowship.

Tend & Befriend

The Well Woman Tends to Her Sisters and to Her family and Her Neighbors. She Befriends the Feminine in Herself and in Others Young and Old. She Spends Time Talking with and Visiting with Women and Children. She has a heartfelt sense of just the right gift.

~ ~ ~

Women are like chameleons or shape-shifters. Their dimensions and abilities are kaleidoscopic, complex and confusing even to themselves.

Mentoring a Generation of Women

The Artful Use of Vast Information for Women

Study the breadth of humanity’s ancient wisdom.
Mine the depths of mankind’s stories for the costs and the creations.
Every gem awaits, already faceted and set in a sacred symbol.
Listen, learn, observe, be entertained, appalled and inspired.
Above all, put parenting.
We can only know and become what the adults provide.
Every jewel offered by history elegantly reflects simplicity…
the universal good which is:
know yourself, treasure life and love others.
-Heather Carlile, Making Sacred the Cycle

A Deeper Purpose
When we’re down, tired, stuck, lost, or longing,
it doesn’t mean that anything is wrong.
It’s time to dive deep for pearls of wisdom.
We are ready to define into a deeper purpose,
expand into a larger mission, and cultivate our relationships.

Companioned by Kind Hearts
Together, we talk, tend and befriend each other.
We stand apart from everyday life, relationships and works.
The Gift Getaway is built on inner knowing, imagination,
universal myths, experiences, rituals and collaboration.
We stop and listen, we seek our vision and dreams.

Know Yourself
In the Gift Getaway, we unearth our bits of genius
through the world of depth psychology.
We use the symbols, metaphors,
visions, heroines, stories and archetypes.
We carry our own types of creativity, passion and treasures.
We connect our personal journey
with some of the great tales and characters
to expand our understanding of ourselves.

Treasure Life
We connect with the patterns
which emerge from the stories and relationships
of our life so far. We find bravery and excitement
when we can walk into the unknown and the dark,
companioned by kind hearts.
Remembering and naming our favorite talents.
Guided by our faith in the light and the good.

Love Others
When we know and accept ourselves and our roles,
we can live the parts of ourselves which find joy in our relationships,
our friends, our works and our communities.
With deep self-knowledge and acceptance,
we are sensitive to just the right ways to invest in each of our relationships… including the one with ourselves.

Confidence ~ Peace ~ Enthusiasm ~ Direction

Coming to a deep sense of purpose and mission in life is the strongest foundation of confidence, peace and enthusiasm. You know yourself and are clear about your direction. You are confident in your ability to live your dreams, roles and goals. You are happy with family, like-minded friends and collaborators.

~ ~ ~

My promise is to stand solidly on the foundation of optimism, health and respect:
know ourselves, treasure life and love others.

*Note: Please use, share and copy. And, when you do, let me know. It’s important to me that my work is being used! The fruits of my years of work and writing. Blessings,

Welcome to the Gift Getaway

An Experience for Women in Exploration & Discovery

You are invited to get comfortable.
We are going on a journey of discovery for you.
We will plumb the depths to find inspiration from the truth of your being.
Your inspiration is universal truth and yet, like none other.
There is no other woman quite like you.

The Gift Getaway is for Sincere Women
Here, we relax into the safety of a space apart from daily and practical life.
We gather in a place prepared for unwrapping exploration and discovery.
And, with such fellow seekers, there is no judgement, just enjoyment.
We are completely free to be sincere and silly.

We Unwrap Unexpected Gifts
Gifts are one of the great languages of love: personal, friendly, intimate, professional and formal.
The seeking, the wrapping, the presentation and hope for delight.
The unwrapping, the secret, the grace. Grace–no expectation nor agenda.
Gifts are usually given in personal generosity with care and kindness.

We Explore the World through the Symbols
We unwrap the symbolic gifts which open doorways to expanded knowledge.
We explore ancient and modern wisdom for ourselves.
Typical veils or filters are dissolved so our sight is clear.
We return to Truth which is caring, creativity and beauty.

We Listen to Our Depths and to Each Other
The Gift Getaway provides an opening for your Voice, your Heart and your Soul.
We companion each other into the fog and back into the light.
We name it all and, with that power, can wield it for good.
We find more than we anticipated: personal expansion, profound insight, sweet tendernesses, human vulnerabilities, flexible strength, and feminine greatness.

Bit-by-bit I have studied and lived the pursuit of womanhood. Many have devoted their abilities to shift in the direction of living equality between men and women. Each has a view and a piece of the puzzle. I found many inspiring descriptions and this is one of the finest.

Sufi teacher and mystic, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, writes profoundly about the feminine in his book The Return of the Feminine and the World Soul:

“An understanding of relationships belongs to the feminine. Feminine wisdom understands the way connections between people, and the interconnectivity of life itself, hold something essential. Without these connections life cannot sustain itself. The sense of separation and isolation that our masculine culture has created is damaging and deeply painful.”
“When we really listen, we find ourselves present in another world full of meaning and magic. Then the signs within our outer life and in our dreams can speak to us, and take us on a journey far beyond the limited world of the ego. They open a door to the symbolic world that is just beneath the surface. It is from this inner dimension of images and symbols that the soul is nourished.
Recognizing and working with symbols requires an attitude of receptivity that allows the symbols to communicate in their own language. We come to know this ancient part of ourselves that is fully alive and knows the deeper destiny of our soul. And it is from this inner world that our everyday life, too, is nourished and we are given the direction we need.
When we work with the images of the inner world, a mysterious alchemy takes place as the conscious and unconscious come together, a conjunction of opposites. The symbolic world opens us to a depth of meanings beyond our conscious self, to the archetypal world of the gods, where we can gain access to the way these powerful energies can work within our inner and outer lives.
Then we begin the real works of the soul, a transformation that takes place in the very depths of our being that expands our consciousness and enriches our daily life with a deep sense of purpose. Each of us has our own journey to make, our own exploration of the inner world, and we are drawn into this dimension through different doorways: dreamwork, painting, music, sacred dance, or just sitting and being present with the images that arise from the depths.”

Bon Voyage!

The History of The Gift Getaway – My Journey

A QUILT: From the vantage point of today, I can stitch together the vignettes of my life and see the complexities of my identity and my mission. The natural myopia of living in the present moment protects us and informs us. In my opinion, only years can fill in the life map. For a woman, my favorite metaphor is the quilt. Each is one-of-a-kind…like women. There aren’t any ‘cookie-cutter’ females. But, so many expectations come with our growing up years. And, most of those expectations are misinformation. So much that holds women back has to do with expectations, gender, religion, patriarchy, misogyny…the ethos of our times which has become so blind, conflictual, violent, insulting, sarcastic and cynical. My promise is to stand solidly on the foundation of optimism, health and respect: know ourselves, treasure life and love others.

FAILURE: When we do our best to be true to that old, often unconscious, life script which is only a cartoon, it doesn’t match everyone. Then, there’s a quiet voice which gives us guilt or anxiety because we assume that we have failed.
WHERE IS MY WORTH? The greatest agony of my years was accepting that, though I am driven by a sincere attitude for growth and excellence, I couldn’t find my worth and my identity. The situations of my life didn’t have any obvious worthy accomplishments. Before my 40th year, the year of ‘completion,’ I fell to my knees and begged for help. I couldn’t see a way to belong, a way to achieve something worthy…a way to be at home in the world. I was lost in the dark.
BLIND SPOTS: Now, I can see blind spots. Today, I can observe through the view of peace and experience. There have been so many consistent examples of how the journey can be trusted. What appears on the path of a lifetime is consistently so precise and perfectly-timed whether or not we have the ability to correctly interpret it or to take advantage of it.
SEARCH FOR SELF: Some would say to me, “How is the search for self such an ordeal? Your identity? Just do what is at hand.” But, there are three main patterns of pain: 1) the search for self or identity, 2) the struggle for freedom or control and 3) the escape from fear and the pursuit of security. My angst is the first, the search for self. From my first year of life, I was quickened and terrified by the loss of bonds and belonging by kind but ignorant parents. My voice was silenced. So, I was set on the endless search for self and the place in life where I was welcome, where I belonged and where I could speak and be heard.
DELIMITERS: As is natural to an obedient child, I grasped whatever came to me with sincerity and willingness. There were certain freedoms and opportunities but most came with a cost, many with a cost which stunted success or enjoyment. Each ability encased me with delimiters. But, as a child, there were also gifts for me in the arts: painting, elocution–reciting poetry, choir and acting actually welcomed my voice! On the stage, I was invited to talk. After high school, I left the homestead, driven by wanting to fly free…to be me…to the freedom to speak.
ACTING CONSERVATORY: Yes, I managed to get into the acting conservatory. But the extreme city culture shock muddied my mind so severely that, for example, I couldn’t read to comprehend and I didn’t have the presence of mind to even brush my teeth daily. I got through on my innate talents, my ability to improvise and my ability to just show up. I got my degree. How did I get there? It started with a childhood of silence.
A CHILDHOOD OF SILENCE: Before I was three, I learned to be quiet. The consequences of being rejected if I was expressive touched on the fear of death. May parents were rare, kind and sincere. But, little did they know that, by avoiding spankings, their time-outs were too extreme, they were interpreted by me as traumatizing abandonment. I was wounded for life. My voice was silenced, silenced until I learned to just listen or think. I read. I read voraciously and constantly. Only in my thoughts did I know ease. I traveled the earth in my reading and my imagination, unbound by remonstrations and self doubt.
SCARCITY TEACHES: My family lived limited by farm life, poverty, isolation and pioneering. It was a natural school for potential learned through scarcity, learned through how much was missing. Ultimately, I didn’t ask for much. My drive became the pursuit of my own truth…my longing to know how to be true to myself as a female. What does a woman look like? How does she live?
What did my mother and the women in my experience teach me?
MISSING PUZZLE PIECES: I was continuously picking up the clues. And, so, it was many years before the clues begin to complete the puzzle. Just when I thought I had a pattern, what I knew couldn’t fit the expectations. More sense of inadequacy.
First marriage – found myself, again, altering to please, confined to housework, cooking, serving. No clear way out. I told myself: “You make your bed you lie in it.”
THE GOOD GIRL: So, I honestly, devotedly did the work given to me. On the outside, again, the good girl. And, inside, again, traveling to the edges of mental expansion with the learning and the imaginary. This time, metaphysically, like Benjamin Franklin, living true to the Twelve Great Virtues day upon day.
But, like it was on the farm, living by the seasonal exigencies of Nature, obedience to the box drawn for me by someone else’s design wasn’t enough. I left, driven by getting out from under his control and to seek adventure in the world.
SMALL VOICE: Again, I found myself following men personally and professionally. It would be decades before I made sense of it all as I learned about the Enneatypes and the childhood dynamic which drove me to find the Provider/Protector that I had missed. I found my innate bent as a Helper to serve surface in both places. My own goals in a drawer. My voice, again, small like blowing through a straw.
I left again, driven by this one’s infidelity, betrayal. Lost, squashed, exhausted.
I left. I stopped.
GOALS: I found bits and pieces of the new human potential movement with goal-setting and action steps. Learned from the best of those inspirational speakers and teachers. Set SMART goals: “Write down your action steps. Be disciplined and focused. Define your dream: “If there were one great thing you could do before you die, and you knew that you could not fail, what would you do???”
THE LADDER: I leaned a ‘success ladder’ on lots of walls. But, even before I got very far, I could see that the goal at the top of the ladder wasn’t going to be worth the effort nor the investment to me. Over and over, I asked myself. But there wasn’t ‘one great thing’ I could do on my own. And I’d always been on my own. Detached. No real family. No place I called home. No one calling or mission.
The ladder for goals didn’t work for me. Nothing that I had achieved added up to a hill of beans…there was no one great thing. “So, what am I good for? What am I here for?”
THE HUMANITIES: Eventually, I found my way into applied psychology. But, the ladder model was, and is, irrelevant to my life’s journey. There isn’t really a logical, step-by-step journey when learning to be a professional counselor. Academe tried to teach some structures for helping people psychologically. But, now I see that the study of people is one of the humanities. The feminine arts don’t properly fit into science. They aren’t linear nor, oftentimes, simply logical. And, our schools edify business, engineering, law, science, economics, finance. What about human arts? hearts? marriage? families? homes? parenting? What about your spirit?

THE LADDER IS BEST FOR MEN: Over time, I could see the two-dimensional ladder model for goals suited the masculine. But, if that was the case, what is the way to show equally important feminine possibilities, progress and success?
THE PUZZLE OF JAZZ: As I learned competence as a people person, many bits of evidence finally coalesced for me. I could see how each of the skills I’d studied and mastered were pieces which fit perfectly in my puzzle of abilities. I needed all of those talents in order to have the wisdom of a therapist, to be a skilled mentor and a trustworthy professional. And, to love a great man, keep a beautiful home and create good times with friends. I’d become an accomplished woman with comfort drawing on each of my talents when appropriate. I began using the musician metaphor: I’m like a jazz musician: I know the chord changes and the tunes but how I play it is in improvisational response to the person in front of me. Forty-eight years ago, my strength as an actress was improv. Now it adds up. That’s one of the pieces in the puzzle of what was necessary to become competent in my private practice as a professional.
A CRAZY QUILT: The diagram for my success wasn’t a linear image like the ladder to success. It formed in my imagination like a jigsaw puzzle. But each piece was a different shape, color and size. Then, one day, it occurred to me…it was a crazy quilt!
When a woman comes to me for mentoring, showing her the feminine model of a quilt for achievement often expands her sense of confidence and excitement immediately. Each ability is important and completes or compliments the others. She is usually already prepared for a myriad of roles natural and necessary to a woman. There may be more as her lifespan unfolds, yet, she can use the ones at hand for her current ventures.
THE POWER OF NAMING: As I moved into my 60’s, I began to formalize my ways of mirroring, validating and empowering my clients. For many years, I’d been refining one of my methods which I call “The Power of Naming.” Using many experiences and sources, I realized that the most efficient doorway into showing someone the potential, strengths and wounds I saw was through stories, roles, parts, models and metaphors. If I could help name an archetypal hat, we could explore, heal and expand that role or that part. This drew me to the world of Depth Psychology which had not been mentioned in my grad school classes.


EUREKA: When I combined my comprehensive 21 Building Blocks of a Healthy Life, my Power of Naming Method with the Quilt Diagram and my list of the 20 classic female roles, I was confident that I had an immediate avenue to take a woman on the journey of self discovery worthy of her dimensions.
WOMEN CARRY IT ALL: Every human dimension resides in a woman. She carries all of the tools to create, save and nurture humanity. Even when a woman is single, she is known to be more comfortable than a single man. Or, if she loses her job, her family or her man, she reaches for the necessities within and she carries on. A woman (even a girl), the wife of a warrior, a doctor, a sailer, a miner…even married to a man damaged by abuse, alcohol, handicaps or prejudice…a mother, a daughter, she is competently practical and resourceful. She is successful in managing herself and her household. She may be tired but she’s responsible.
MAGIC: After years of research, writing and facilitating, I was satisfied that the list of a woman’s roles was complete. Since I diagrammed, have been using and teaching my Building Blocks of a Healthy Lifestyle Model for many years, I decided to check if there was anything I’d neglected in the Gift Getaway. I tested the list of female roles against those 21 Building Blocks. To my utter amazement and delight, the 21 Archetypes which were the foundational structure of the 21 roles I believed were necessary to adequately mirror the dimensions of a woman were exactly coincident with the last pieces of the puzzle and they clicked into place. And, my intention of using a quilt for the overall graphic model worked beautifully. I discovered that my three comprehensive models magically fit each other. I was stunned at how there were no overlapping elements nor any blank spots. It was somehow a confirmation to me that I can trust my knowledge and my wish to create something universally indicative of the wonder of women.
WORTHY OF THE FEMININE: My dream for the Gift Getaways is that a woman uses these explorations as beautiful experiences and that they are worthy of her authentic style of femininity. Women are like chameleons or shape-shifters. Their dimensions and abilities are kaleidoscopic, complex and confusing even to themselves.
Women are like chameleons or shape-shifters. Their dimensions and abilities are kaleidoscopic, complex and confusing even to themselves.
THE GIFT GETAWAY: At last, I believe that I’ve found a way that we can unravel the myriad threads, we can map out the shapes, separate all of the colors. We can look at the female through clear and unbiased eyes. We can see the natural wonder of a woman’s multiple dimensions. The Gift Getaway weaves it all together.

~ ~ ~
The Well Woman Way
I believe in miracles.
I am audacious.
I am heroic.
I have a mission.
I am passionately devoted.
I am inspired.
I love people.
I magically wield forces.
I have amazing pleasures.
I like solving puzzles.
I am mysterious.
I create peace and sunshine.
I am flirtatious and playful.
I laugh blissfully.
I delight in surprises and secrets.
I like to get into mischief.
I have a inspired calling.
I live joyfully.
-Heather Carlile

The Art of Joyful Living

An effervescent spirit for the audacious and heroic:
A passionate devotion to an inspired calling:
An amazing control over pleasures and forces:
A capacity to create the baffling and the flirtatious:
A playful nature for blissful laughter and secret joy:

-Heather Carlile

The Gift Getaway Courses

Know Yourself ~ Treasure Life ~ Love Others

MODULES: Some of the roles explored in the Gift Getaways may be familiar in both positive and negative forms. Some may be new, some just a dream. In the Gift Getaway experience, it is safe to explore what is right for each person in each role.

Five Modules of Four Women
The Roles are Packaged in Five Groups of Four Women.
1. From Down to Inspired: Capability ~ Caring ~ Creativity ~ Courage
2. From Tired to On Fire: Career ~ Cleanse ~ Caring ~ Credo
3. From Stuck to Set Free: World ~ Woman ~ Wife ~ Wisdom
4. From Lost to On Purpose: Direction ~ Visage ~ Vision ~ Mission
5. From Longing to Meaning: Magic ~ Mentor ~ Miracles ~ Mystery

~ ~ ~

Keeping Connections

WHAT TO LEAVE BEHIND: The Gift Getaway gives us the experience of knowing what we want to leave behind and ensures that we remember what we decide to keep and helps us give away the things we have out grown. Sometimes the most difficult leave-taking is turning away from old connections. Some friendships, relationships and relatives do have an expiration date. We naturally feel loyalty and nostalgia. But, there is a difference between unhealthy guilt, codependence and needing to make recompense. If you need help in letting go of out-dated connections, just contact one of us. We know how to help you walk you away with peace in your heart.
If you need help in letting go of out-dated connections, just contact one of us. We know how to walk you away with peace in your heart.
What to Treasure and Keep

KEEPING CONNECTIONS: Keeping our connections with our friends can be the most healthy choice for a woman. So, take extra care to do something to befriend one of your girlfriends, one of the other women in the Gift Getaway either in your group or online.

Friday Friends
FRIDAY FRIENDS: In Dallas, we choose a Friday Friend between the Gift Getaway classes or retreats.
~ ~ ~
The Well Woman
goes to the well within and brings up life-sustaining nurturing.
She finds inspiration and peace within herself.
She waters thirsty hearts from the deep reservoir of her soul.
She carries new life.
She feeds her own health and the wellness of her family.

~ ~ ~

The First Getaways

Dear Ones,
My first journey leading women through the Gift Getaway Retreats for Well Women began when my colleagues came asking to learn from me. It was the perfect time to start the Gift Getaways I’d been designing! The trust and the eagerness was an inspiration to me.
All six women, Holly, Jana, Jeri, Keri, Lynn and Susie, are now the Founding Facilitators of the Gift Getaways.
Each woman’s experience was unlike all of the others.
All of them expressed their appreciation for learning something beyond anything they had done previously.
One of the things that each woman described was her deeper awareness of how much she needed tend and befriend time with vulnerability, trust, understanding and encouragement from sister souls. The seven of us forged lifetime friendships.
Through the process, which took about a year, each woman, in her own way, was moved to tears with her anxiety, her grief, her sense of inadequacy or her guilt. And, because of the nature of these women and their talents, the experience was pure, transformative and revitalizing for all seven of us.
As a result of this pilot program, I am, now, convinced that the perfectly-sized group for a process this exacting is seven of us. I invite your inquiry about the next Gift Getaways.
Love and blessings,

The Gift Getaways were designed
by Heather Carlile, MA, LPC-S


Susie Hair, LCSW-S, CEDS

Jeri Marshall, MA, LPC-S

Lynn McCracken, MS, LPC-S, LMFT-S, LCDC

Keri Riggs, MA, LPC

Jana Rupnow, MA, LPC

Holly Webb, MA, LPC-S, NCC

The Gift Getaways are for Women Everywhere

I have always designed the Gift Getaway course with the dream to benefit as many women as possible. So, I have continued to construct the information in the experiences for an individual, for a small group, for a study group and for women who may or may not have a group leader or facilitator.
I will always be deeply grateful to these first six women who asked me for this journey. I had been constructing it for years but I wasn’t sure how to find those women who were ready to take this journey with me.
I continue to invite my colleagues and women who are in leadership of empowerment for the feminine.
And, as we have tested the materials, I am confident that even a woman who is isolated, can do this work for herself beautifully.
Because of the marvel of these times where our technology gives us access to each other so easily, I am here and my trusted colleagues are here to mentor you, to guide you, to answer your questions when you need to reach out for another woman partnering for the empowerment of today’s woman.

Welcome to the Gift Getaways!

~ ~ ~

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Blessings from Heather

My promise is to stand solidly on the foundation ofoptimism, health, and respect:
know ourselves, treasure life and love others.

About Heather

Heather Carlile has been described as “a wizard of human nature,” “a futurist,” “a million-dollar soul.”
She is a master teacher, a therapist, an author, a speaker…an expert in relationships, personality and depth psychology.

Experience her on youtube.com/heathercarlile. Currently, her 60 one-hour presentations on Counseling and on Marriage Counseling are available to the pubic with over 130,000 viral views.

Heather Carlile began private practice counseling, speaking and facilitating workshops on various topics for individuals and corporations after graduate studies in applied psychology.

Ms. Carlile specializes in marriage counseling and mentoring. Her unique transpersonal philosophy, which she uses to relieve anxiety, depression, confusion, guilt, anger and grief, integrates archetypes and spirituality with classical psychological techniques. She offers CEU classes to colleagues and is a supervisor of counseling interns. With a dedication to recent research and comprehensive knowledge, she constructs diagrams and models to help peers and clients learn human growth and treatment methods.

Specialties: Relationships, Marriage, Personality Styles, Complicated Bereavement in Children and Teens, College Dropouts and Success, EQ, Character Development, Grief Recovery, Radio & TV Interviews, Study Guides, Mentoring and Keeping Our Teens On Track: What Works Today.

Her work includes seminars on stopping self-sabotage, finding purpose, virtuous character, parenting, personality (through the Enneagram), and grief or adaptation to loss and change. She created and co-facilitates Designer Marriage workshops with her husband, Dr. Jack Waldenmaier. As a professional speaker and corporate trainer she focuses on communication, EQ and change management with humor and stories.

Heather is currently at work on her books, “Mentoring a Generation,” “OuchRage: Stopping Anger, Violence and Trauma.” And, she is developing online courses from her “Gift Getaways.”
Heather’s passions include her husband, composer, Jack Waldenmaier, dinner parties, Tango with Jack, painting, photography, jazz, opera and…she winds down with spy novels, cooking and her sewing machine.

Heather Lynn Carlile, MA, LPC-S
CEU Provider
801 E. Campbell Road, #152, Richardson, Texas 75081