The Queen

The Queen is the Woman Who Rules her Domaine
with Goodness, Grace and Sparkle.
The Queen Gardens and Beautifies.

She Will Not Be Used Nor Manipulated.
She Sees Truth and is Her Peoples’ Protector.
She is Directed by Her Dignity and Her Calling.
She Walks Tall and Smiles with All.
I am the Queen of My Domaine and of My Castle, My Country… My Own Flag.
I’m a Woman of God and the Lady of the House.

BACKBONE: I ensure goodness in my domaine. So, I stand Tall with Backbone in Times of Unpleasantness and Remove Untoward People, Times and Things. I rule myself and my life with decisiveness directed by kindness.

DISCRETION: I am Where I Belong with My Roots, My People. When I have a twin soul, we become equal co-regents sharing leadership as partners like the Egyptian Rulers who were sculpted side-by-side. My leadership is fair, just and predictable. I am generous and wise and I communicate with honesty and discretion.

MY CASTLE: My home is my castle. It is safe, beautiful and I have my favorite things within my walls. My heart sings when friends are at my table toasting the good in our days.

TOO SOFT/TOO HARD: What was your moment of weakness when you needed to be in charge? Were you too soft or too hard?

LEADING: What have you accomplished when you have been given the leadership role?

Naming Your Queen: