The Medicine Woman

The Medicine Woman Knows the Healing Power of Nature
It is the Medicine Woman Who Brings
the Loving Power which Heals and Quickens Souls.

She is the Pathfinder, The Grandmother, The Healer.
The Carrier of Life in a Cup of Tea, a Glass of Wine, a Bowl of Soup.

She Calls Forth the Earth’s Potent Aliveness in Her Own Nature.
The Spirit of the Elements…the Air, Earth, Fire, Metal and Water, Become the Teachers of Health and Wholeness. She Knows the Healing Power of the Animals and the Plants: A Walk with a Dog, Riding a Horse on a Quiet Trail, a Purring Cat in a Rocking Chair, a Swim in the Creek, a Hike in the Forest, Weeding the Garden, a Sail on the Lake, a Bike by the River, Planting Bulbs in the Yard, Gathering Lilacs for the Elderly, Collecting Shells on the Beach or Building Sandcastles with the Little Ones…and, Best of All, a Smile in the Eyes of a Friend.
She Trusts Her Purity and Power for Good.
She Heals with the Touch of Her Hands, a Compassionate Smile.
She is the Woman Who Heals with a Blessing of Kindness and a Prayer.

☛ When have you recognized your compassionate care for someone?

Naming Your Medicine Woman: