The Teacher

The Teacher is the Woman Who Treasures and Teaches Knowledge
The Teacher Lives, Shows and Facilitates Preserving
the Dimensions of Person, Family and Culture.

The Teacher’s sunny smile lights up the lesson for the student.
She shows them their talents, their value, their skills and their potentials.
The joy of sharing and showing glowing from her face and voice
as she watches the young ones succeed.
The Teacher lifts the learners to reach beyond the lessons
to out-distance the knowledge of the mothers.

MERELY MONITORING: Student and teacher, with mutual delight, work to plan and guide, the mentor merely monitoring to prevent mistakes and ensure the skills. Good teachers know that telling is not teaching. Students have personal learning styles and the old traditions of schooling have been proven faulty. Today, even though the written word is infinitely available, we know that we become expert by experience, by mistakes, by practice and by doing.

READINESS: Experiences of performances, concerts, collaboration, galleries, buildings, excursions, adventures, celebrations of innovations, projects end most efficiently in certifications and graduations marking the goals and the readiness for service, works, and expansion.

What was your worst experience of a teacher? the best?
What has been your favorite experience as a teacher?

Naming Your Teacher: