The Holy Woman

She Walks the World Making it Holy Ground.
She is Set Free by Humility and Dignity.

The Holy Woman Speaks Her Standards of Truth and Reverence.
The Discernment of Loving Virtue Informs Her Credo.
She Knows that Her Feet Stand on Sacred Earth.

GRATITUDE: The Holy Woman Walks Her Talk. She Teaches Goodness through Beliefs Founded on Universal Truth. She Lives Family and Friendliness. She is Elevated by Experience. She is a Woman of Power. She Sees with the Eyes of Great Gratitude.

SACRED GROUND: Women walk in countless ways: we touch the earth with your own sense of compassion, desire, responsibility and purpose. When a Holy Woman walks, she is protected and the ground on which she walks is sacred. She may walk carefully, or gently, or quickly or in contemplation. As her movements come from the intention of an empathetic heart, she is a mentor by example.

CREDO: The Holy Woman stands on her credo of beliefs. She blesses the Earth and the sanctity of all life. She teaches standards of good through her day-to-day life and through the great parables, stories and myths of human inspiration.

☛ What is your favorite way of blessing?

☛ How do you like to be in contemplative time?

Naming Your Holy Woman: