The Mother

She Births New Life in the Basket of her Womb.
She is the Container of New Life and Limitless Love.

The Sacred Feminine Wraps Her Love Around the Earth.
The Mother is the Bringer of New Life.
She is Immersed in the Joy of Nurturing.

LIVES LOVE: The Mother is the Woman Who Naturally Provides Water to Thirsty Souls, Who Loves, Offers Nourishment and Nurture to the Beloved, the Young, the Old and the Extended Family. Her Spirit is Strong & Compassionate. She is Loving, Caring, Affectionate, Nourishing, Protective and Teaching. She May Give Birth, Care for Kids, Raise Children and Parent Them. She May not Give Birth, Rather Mother Her Siblings, Her Pets, Her Dolls, Her Employees, Orphans, Adopted Children or Her Godchildren.

FEEDS HEALTH AND FUN: The Mother carries new life. She feeds her own health and the wellness of her family. She inspires play, fun and inventiveness of all sorts. She provides everything necessary to foster creativity and decency.

THE LIFESPAN ROLES: She lives through all of the stages of life as the Girl Child, the Maiden, the Mother, the Godmother and the Grandmother. And, when the Father can’t come home, she shoulders the role of provider.
FAMILY FIRST: Her Devotion Lives Loyalty for the Extended Family Unit with Warmth, Creativity and Joy. And, She Tends to Herself and the Bottomless Well Within which Ever-renews Her Bond with the Infinite Source of Love.

☛ What has quickened the mother in you?

☛ How do you renew yourself?

Naming Your Mother: