The Wise Woman

The Wise Woman Knows Paradox Power.
She Trusts the Pearls of Wisdom She Has Earned.
She is Inspired by the Depths She Finds in Her Internal Well.
The Woman of Wisdom Knows Herself.

The Joys, Laughter and Love Have Grown Her
as Much as She Has Weathered and Learned from Ordeals and Suffering.
And, She Makes Friends with Her Own Wounds
to Know and Master Herself in both Comedy and Tragedy.
Together, they Form Wisdom. She is a Container of Knowledge.

THE PEARLS OF WISDOM: The White Pearl represents how she masters her gifts and talents. The Black Pearl symbolizes the knowledge gained from suffering her trials.

MY OLD FRIEND: Dive deep to give birth to your next self. This lifetime treasure is hidden in The Old Friend – Pearls of Wisdom born of trials, ordeals, suffering, tragedy and loss…the woman in you, the femaleness “in you which slumbers within.”

FEMININE KNOWLEDGE: The pearl is said to symbolize the purity, perfection, incorruptibility, generosity, integrity, and loyalty of its wearer as well as feminine knowledge, fertility, wisdom and spiritual awareness.

☛ What are the pearls of wisdom and truth that you carry because of your femininity?

Naming Your Wise Woman: